Sunday, June 3, 2007

Penang Bridge Marathon


I am not sure you guys observe or not i already installed the countdown timer for Penang Marathon in the blog, it is only 20days left... the time become shorter and shortest... very excited ler...

Glad to know that you guys class on 23/6 can finished abt 3pm, at least we can reached Penang abt 8pm, more time to rest. As you know that the event will starting from 3am and we have to report at abt 2am, the resting time is so crucial to us.

SC and Raymond, first time run in full M, enjoy the race...nor matter how, you can classified you are the winner and be proud when you step on the finishing point.U guy at age of 20yrs old, have nothing to lose anyway.haha

SC & CW, with the heavy workload and study assignments, the time allowed for your training is quite limited, My advice is try to grab whatever opportunity, train as much as possible.

TH, haha, it is the time we do our best to improve our timing, with the so tight training schedule, both of us are quite tired.. try to refrain from any injury...dont forgot our 3 minutes agreement.

Lastly, let us enjoy the run, respect and conquer the distance.

If you think you can, sure you can.

Good Luck.

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Anonymous said...

sure.....if u think u can, then u can.. just do the best.... is nt a easy job to run in Full Marathon...