Sunday, June 17, 2007

Metropolitan Long Distance Training 1

Our first long distance training can consider went smoothly and successfully done, thank you to all the runners who participated. For those who ffk first time, we also forgive him lar ( he also guarantee dat will turn out next time...hehehe)... since d Tuhan really give us face... no rain.. wa lau, let me worry for whole day after surfed all d website... haiya, the weather report cinya make me worry... somemore the sky so cloudy d whole day.
Furthermore, during my lunch, the langit oso keep crying..luckily my aunt asked me to sembahyang kau kau... at d end it really work lar.
The run has been bring earlier an hour to 4.30pm, with u all support and punctuality(this time ah cheng really make it, not talk oni), all d things can set up on time and the run also starting at 4.30pm. Everyone also put their effort and their best to finish as many laps as possible even though it is quite windy and hot, the obstruction by the speeding motorcycles and the rubber mat also occupied by quite a lot of persons. One thing i would like to add here is put more effort in stretching and warming up/down to reduce your pain after run. Those who facing pain or uneasy after run, you can use ice pad/ice to slowly rub the effected area.
For those who just participated in running, just enjoy your training and dont over stressed it, otherwise you might end up with retirement.
And not forgotten, all the volunteers, Calvin, WR and Aunty, kamsia kamsia. Without you all, we might end up with dehydration and no time keeper, no lengchai lenglui photos etc..
Look forward for next training session (tentatively 15th July) will get more runners to participate in.


Anonymous said...

welcome welcome....
photo will give to u tomorrow thru gary... remember take from him... choose the nice photo and put it from beginning until end...
sorry for failure to upload at my personal yahoo photo, imeem n also sendfile... really sorry for it.. also cinya kam siah ur fruit.. water n so on... for sure my COKE... wahaha
thanks abang tan~~!!

Ng Chuan Wen 黄泉温 said...

chin chia pai seh ah...
feel uncomfortable cannot go ah...
lately always sick, i think very soon i will back to prepare for penang full marathon.
(before that didn't have any training also)
Haha, semoga jangan kena apa-apa sakit lagi.