Monday, December 17, 2007

Kuantan Relay - Without Limit in Action

Without Limit - Saiful,KP,TH,Din,SC


1st Runner - Saiful in action

2nd Runner - KP in action

3rd runner - TH in action

TH in action

TH in action

4th runner - Din in action

5th Runner - SC in action

Finished with 6th Postition, Photo with reserve Phuah PL



Kuantan City Relay - Men Open Winners

Champion - Kenya Team

3rd - PDRM

4th - Pacesetters Kuantan

5th - Temerloh Team

Kuantan City Relay - Lady Open Winners

Champion - Pacesetters Club

Kuantan City Relay - Men Open Results

Date : 16/12/2007
Time : 8.45am
Venue : Taman Rekreasi Gelora

Rank Team Timing
1) Kenyan(E151) - 44:17
2) Persatuan Olahraga Jerantut (E135) - 47:50
3) PDRM (Shaharudin- E128) - 49:04
4) Kuantan Pacesetters (E148) - 57:10
5) Temerloh Team (E131) - 57:56
6) Without Limit (KP-E123) - 58:34
7) Sham Team (E121)- 1:00:55
8) E156 - 1:01:38
9) E150 - 1:05:34
10) E155 - 1:06:10
11) E153 - 1:13:06
12) E154 - 1:13:26
13) E132 - 1:15:50
14) E136 - 1:16:59
15) E145 - 1:21:32
16) E147 - 1:23:09
17) E158 - 1:23:31

Kuantan City Relay - Women Open Results

Date : 16/12/2007
Time : 8:45am
Venue : Taman Rekreasi Gelora

Rank Team Name Timing
1) Pacesetters Club - 1:14:16
2) Dynamic Girls - 1:22:56
3) Maggie - 1:36:48
4) Hot Legs - 1:40:52
5) KIPSAS 4 - 1:53:52
6) The Legend resort - 1:56:50
7) KIPSAS 7 - 1:57:04
8) KIPSAS 6 - 1:59:47
9) KIPSAS 5 - 2:00:09

Sunday, December 9, 2007

How to Prevent Shin Splints

Shin splints are a common problem for many athletes, including runners, basketball players, and even freestyle skiers. If you already have shin splints, you should ice them, but definitely take a break from your activity until you recover. Of course, the best thing to do is prevent them in the first place.


1. Check the condition of your shoes. If they look worn out, or don't give you the support they once did, get a new pair.
2. Strengthen muscles in that area of your leg. You can do this by walking around on your tip toes once in a while and walking around on your heels.
3. Walk backwards whenever you can, it "reverses" the effect of shin splints or "contrasts" how you get them.
4. Stretch before and after an activity of strenuous activity.
5. Warm up and cool down before and after a hard workout. This will also help you feel less sore the next day.
6. Run without letting the worry of getting shin splints stop you.


# Don't do too much training too quickly. You shouldn't increase the distance you run too quickly, especially if you are a new runner or have not run in a while. A good rule of thumb is to never increase your mileage by more than 10% a week.

# Find out what type of arch your foot has. If you are flat-footed or have an over-prorate arch, you are more at risk for shin splints.

# Try not to "stomp" your feet when you run. This will put less stress on your shins.

# Take it easy when you go down a hill. If possible, coast down a hill on a grassy surface. This will also decrease your chances of slipping and falling

2007 SEA Games Men Marathon Final

Asia 2:06:16 JPN - TAKAOKA Thoshinari Chicago 13 October, 2002
SEA Games 2:20:27 INA - EDUARDUS Nabunome Jakarta 19 October, 1997

Rank Name Results
1 INA - YAHUZA Yahuza - 2:23:46
2 CAM - HEM Bunting - 2:26:28
3 PHI - BUENAVISTA Eduardo - 2:27:21
4 VIE - NGUYEN Dang Duc Bao - 2:29:30 SB
5 THA - SENMOOD Koday - 2:35:26
6 PHI - VENCE Roy - 2:35:57
7 INA - JOHAN Jauhari - 2:38:42
8 MAS - HASHIM Shaharudin - 2:42:17
9 LAO - LOUANGLATH Somphavang - 3:06:33
MYA - Aung Thura DNF
MAS - WOO Chan Yew DNF

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Singapore Marathon 2007 - Malaysian's Results

Click here for the Top 150 Malaysian's Action in Singapore Marathon and results.

Unknown Woon pays his way from US to compete in Games

THE journey to the Korat SEA Games has been a long and tough one for Malaysian marathon runner Woon Chan Yew and it’s not over yet.

He had to train under sub-zero temperatures, pay US$1,600 (RM5,200) for air ticket and endure a 20-hour flight from Iowa via Los Angeles to reach Kuala Lumpur, all because he wanted to represent the country in the Games.

Who is Chan Yew? He was born in Kuala Lumpur 28 years ago, works as an assistant dining service manager at the University of Iowa, the United States, and is down to run in the marathon.

But gaining his berth to the Games was also an uphill one. Not many in Malaysia knew about him and his ability to compete at such a high level. After all he has never won anything significant.

Upon arriving in Korat, he told Bernama: “I started running in the marathon one year ago and won a local meet. The local press covered it and last month I sent the press clipping to the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) when I found out that the athletics squad to Korat was not finalised yet.

“A series of e-mails were exchanged and my winning time of 2’32:00 convinced the OCM to give me a chance.

“I had to fork out my own money to pay the air ticket and had to convince my bosses to allow me to take leave to compete here. I cannot promise a gold medal for Malaysia but I have promised the OCM that I will give my best and not give up. I will fight and fight on until the very last.

“That’s my promise to the OCM and the Malaysia Amateur Athletic Union (MAAU),” said Chan Yew.

Not many are expecting Chan Yew to strike gold but he is here under the Category A ticket, which means he is a medal prospect, but more importantly he is already a winner in his own right.

But win or lose for Chan Yew, after the Games he will have to work on his off days when he goes back to make up for the leave he has taken to be part of the Games.

“But I guess it’s all right with me. The experience of the Games and the chance to represent my country is worth it,” said Chan Yew.

The commitment and sacrifice shown by Chan Yew also received a round of applause from MAAU vice-president Karim Ibrahim who said his attitude should serve as an example to others.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Singapore Marathon 2007

Dont know why nowaday very lazy to write race report, could be bad influenced from my friend, who are very famous and popular runner's in running arena. But i told myself shall not let this type of habit happen and hope that he will change his lazy habit as well. haha

The race start sharp at 5.30am, I, TH and SC decide to pace together, we start with slow pace because of traffic jam, we could only reach the starting point after 2.30mins from the flag off time. Our pacing to the first 11km is about 60mins, everyone look ok and quite satisfy with 5.30 pace. Continued with the journey and pass the starting point at 13Km again, feel great after been cheering by Adidas supporters there.. TH and SC take the first pack of power gel at about 15km while my self thinking off just take it at 20km, when i find that my pace a bit slow down at 17km, then i just change my mind.

We pace to the 20km, at about 1hr50min we are able to maintain at 5.30/km pace. SC feel a
bit struggle and keep at distance from us at 27km..I feel a bit breathless at 30km, by that time our timing is about 2.45hr, i have to take the 2nd pack which are given by organiser at 27km.

Then the nightmare starting, I and TH starting feel the tiredness and the weather is quite hot already. We have make the decision to pace together and motivated each other till the end, otherwise it might end up we might stop and walking which for sure will deteriorate our timing. TH start feel the harmstring cramp while i having the problem with knee strain, we quickly grab the deep heat and apply on it.. We also pour water for us to remain fresh to finish the race.

At the 41km, our timing is 3:58 as shown on the VMS, we decide to push till the end.. I complete the race at 4:00:52 while TH 4:02:28. SC also improve a lot finish at 4:16:06. Raymond pacing with his girl friend and finished at 7:50:27.

Singapore Marathon Photos

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Singapore Marathon 2007

Date : 2nd Dec 2007
Time : 5.30am
Venue : Esplanade
Distance : 42.195K


1) Tan Kean Peng
Official : 4:03:29
Chip : 4:00:53
Average Pace/Km : 5min43sec
Results :
In division (M35 -39) : 109/1120
In gender : 590/8398
In entire field : 670/9704

2) Lee Tiong Hoo
Official : 4:05:04
Chip : 4:02:28
Average Pace/Km : 5min45sec
In division (M20-24) : 46/1844
In gender : 612/8398
In entire field : 698/9704

3) Chua Sang Cheng
Official : 4:18:43
Chip :4:16:06
Average Pace/Km : 6min:4sec
In division (M20-24) : 72/1844
In gender : 915/8398
In entire field : 1031/9704

4) Raymond Lim
Official : 7:56:27
Chip : 7:50:27
Average Pace/Km : 11min:9sec
In division (M20-24) : 1784/1844
In gender : 8189/8398
In entire field : 9435/9704

Sunday, November 25, 2007

12th Master Road Race (MMAA)

12th Masters Road Race

Date : 25 Nov 2007
Time : 8am
Venue : MSN Stadium, Bkt Jalil
Distance : +/- 4Km

Result :

Men Category Age 35-44

1) Tan Kean Peng - 14:50 (1st)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Run For Peace 2007

Organiser : SOKA GAKKAI Malaysia, Selangor
Date : 25th Nov 2007
Time : 7.30am
Venue : SGM Selangor Culture Centre,
Lot 23686, Jalan Selampit 29,
Taman Klang Jaya, 41200 Klang
Distance : 8KM, 6KM

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007


2nd event for Kp&Geng travel to Ipoh after Ipoh Half on 1st July, this time will be more meaningful coz last event TH cant join us for the race due to injury.
We reached Ipoh early this time, straight away proceed to Polo Ground for goodies collection, everything goes well then continue to check in Merloon Hotel, refill our stomach with ying kok chicken, of course this time we will not miss the tau fo far....then back to hotel for rest.
Sunday morning, we reach polo ground abt 6.20am. After registered we lepak around before proceed to warming up session, the Dj make a silly mistake by announcing the wrong allocation of trophy numbers for each category. The race start sharp on time at 7.00am, i start with slightly fast pace, it is about 4.30m/km, it make me a bit worry after 6km with this pace, wonder my stamina can last till the end or not? After the drinking station, i decide to proceed with it, my timing for 10km is 45.20 and at the finishing line is 53:35 at the position No.20 ( the position really give me a surprise).
SC also give his best performance so far by reaching the finishing line at 55mins (17th), while TH 57:45 (23rd) and Raymond 73:25(45th).

Sunday, November 18, 2007

KRI 12KM Photos

with courtesy from PM Tey

KRI 12KM Results

Date : 18 Nov 2007
Time : 7am
Venue : Polo Ground

Men Open

Age Category 20 -29

1) Chuah Sang Cheng - 54:27(17th)
2) Lee Tiong Hoo - 57:29 (23rd)
3) Raymond Lim - 73:46(45th)

Age Category 30-39

1) Tan Kean Peng - 53:26(20th)

Age Category 55-59

1) Ong Eng Chong - 80:36(50th)

Friday, November 16, 2007

KRI 12K Route Map

with courtesy from PM1

Thursday, November 15, 2007

KRI Runner No Checklist

Event : KRI 12KM
Date : 18/11/2007
Time : 7am
Venue : Polo Ground, Ipoh
Men Open - 20 to 29

1) Chua Sang Cheng - C017
2) Lee Tiong Hoo - C040
3) Lim Chee Yong - C044

Men Open - 30 to 39

1) Tan Kean Peng - D134

Click here to view or download the KRI 12km Road Race 2007’s run number checklist.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Race Entry Pack Collection 2007

Date : 23 – 25 November 2007 (Friday – Sunday)
Time : 11am to 8pm
Venue : Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 603


  • It is mandatory for all participants to collect their Race Entry Pack during the REPC weekend.
  • Participants need to bring along the following documents for the collection of Race Entry Pack

1. Race Entry Confirmation Slip
2. Produce your NRIC/Passport or Photo ID upon request.

* The organiser reserves the right to refuse anyone to collect their Race Entry pack without proper document.

  • It is not necessary for parents to bring your Kids along to collect their Race Entry Pack however still need to bring their appropriate documentation as mentioned above. You will need to produce a Letter of Authorization when you collect for them.
  • Having the right documents will help us in processing your collection more efficiently. In the event that you did not bring your Confirmation slip along, please proceed to the Information Counter upon entering Hall 603 to obtain a printed copy of your Race Confirmation Slip.
  • Requests for changes in event t-shirt sizes and race categories will not be entertained.

Authorising another person to collect your Race Entry person to Pack

  • If you are unable to personally collect your Race Entry Pack during these 3 days, you may get a representative to collect the race entry pack for you.
  • He/ She will need to have the following documentation in order to be able to collect for you.

1. Completed and Signed Letter of Authorization
2. Your Race Entry Confirmation Slip
3. A copy/photocopy of your photo ID for verification.
4. His/her own Photo ID for recording purposes.

  • Each individual is allowed to collect up to a maximum of six (6) Race Entry Packs. However, the individual has to produce a separate Letter of Authorization for each individual he/she is collecting the Race Entry Pack for.
  • Groups that did not register with the organizers as bulk or corporate hospitality groups, but would like to collect in bulk, will not be entertained.
  • Collection of Race Entry Packs, other than for overseas runners, after the REPC will also not be entertained. Uncollected Race Entry Packs will be donated to charity.

Click here to download the authorization form.

Make your REPC experience a pleasant one!

  • The Organisers will try to make the REPC as smooth as possible for all runners. But as there will be 40,000 runners collecting their Race Entry Pack within these 3 days, the queues will be unavoidable.
  • You can beat the crowd by collecting your Race Entry Packs during the suggest Off-Peak Hours:

Friday: 3pm-5pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am-1pm

  • If you are not too sure on where to go, our friendly Ushers and Queue Marshals will be happy to guide you along.
  • General FAQ’s can be answered in the Event Booklet that will be present in your Race Entry Pack. If you have further queries, please call 6416 3949.
As registration for the event has closed, on-site Registration will not be entertained. All requests for on-site registration will be turned down.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

KRI Race Starting Time

Please be informed that the KRI 12km Road Race 2007’s flag off time has changed to 7am. Participants need to check-in before 6:30am and gather at the starting line by 6:45am.

For medal and running vest preview, kindly visit

Friday, November 9, 2007


紅 牛 ( Red Bull ) 飲 品 標 榜 快 速 提 神 , 但 美 國 佛 羅 里 達 州 一 個 醫 學 會 議 指 出 ,紅 牛 的 成 份 令 血 壓 急 速 上 升 , 令 人 容 易 患 上 心 臟 病 和 中 風 , 醫 生 勸 喻 心 血 管 病 患 者戒 喝 。
研 究 員 請 15 名 血 壓 正 常 的 健 康 男 女 戒 喝 咖 啡 因 飲 品 一 周 , 之 後 每 天 喝 兩 罐 含 咖啡 因 及 牛 磺 酸 ( Taurine ) 的 飲 品 , 發 現 他 們 喝 後 四 小 時 的 血 壓 及 心 跳 率 上 升 了 5 至 7% , 連 續 喝 七 天 後 更 上 升 了 10% 。 咖 啡 因 和 牛 磺 酸 可 令 血 壓 突 然 上 升 , 容 易 引致 心 臟 病 及 中 風 。
目 前 法 國 、 挪 威 、 丹 麥 、 冰 島 及 烏 拉 圭 禁 售 紅 牛 , 英 國 及 加 拿 大 則 在 罐 上 加 上 警 告 字 句 。 紅 牛 公 司 暫 時 未 有 回 應 。

Road relay makes a return

AFTER a 13-year hiatus, the Malaysia Ekiden Road Relay made its return, this time around at the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya and it was organised in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the Look East Policy.

The organisers had expected about 250 teams at the event but only about half that number showed up.

Of the 129 participating teams, three were from Japan, three from the Japanese International School and four from Japanese companies with a presence in Malaysia.

Alumni Look East Policy Society (ALEPS) president Za’ba Youn said despite the long lapse, the response was encouraging.

The relay was jointly organised by the International Youth Centre Foundation, the Honorary Consul-ate General of Malaysia in Fukuoka, Japan, and ALEPS.

“We hope to organise the event on an annual basis,” Za’ba said.

He said the inaugural event was held in 1994 but it had not been held since due to a lack of interest from the Malaysian organisers and their Japanese counterparts.

However, if the Japanese participation this year is any yardstick, Za’ba believes it could only be better next year.

Several regular roadrunners spearheaded Panasonic’s challenge in the road-relay, with 15 employees turning up in three teams.

The relay had five categories - mixed team, Men Open, Women Open (all 18-years and above) and the Men Junior and Women Junior (both 13-17 years), with each team comprising five runners and each runner completing 3km of the circuit.

Federal Territory Amateur Athletic Association (FTAAA) secretary S. Vegiyathuman said they had decided not to offer any prize money and the runners in the top five teams in each category were presented with a goodwill sash instead.

“The aim is to foster good diplomatic relationships between the two countries. We do not want to attract participation by offering prize money,” Vegiyathuman said.

This time around, the Panasonic teams fared better than they did in 1994. However, it was Kuala Lumpur City Hall coming in first in the mixed category in 49:18. The Japanese team Fukuoka Vitye Holue was a distant second in 52:52.

In the Men Open category, Surich clocked 45:36 with Polis Putrajaya coming in a close second at 47:30 while Faici Territory clocked 1.19:30 for the top spot in the Women Open category with Run For Run coming second in 1.21:38

Meanwhile, in the Men Junior category, Semenyih Top Runner was best in 52:42 while Japanese School-B came in at 58:06 and in the Women Junior event, Victory from SMK Taman Bukit Maluri clocked 1.26:00 to take the rostrum with Fantastic 5 settling for second spot in 1.14:49.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Adventure Marathons

Standards and principles for Adventure Marathons

All Adventure Marathon courses are characterised by magnificent scenery and/or a unique cultural atmosphere. They will be rewarding and adventurous to runners and spectators alike. The scenery of the course is substantial, and surface, ascents, weather and other smaller obstructions are not taken into consideration. For that reason, an Adventure Marathon will always be a more physically demanding run than traditional marathons, and it will contain elements of cross-country running, trekking and mountain running. However, the basic characteristics of running must be retained, and obstructions, which cannot be defeated in running, are kept on an absolute minimum.

These standards must be followed in order for a marathon to earn the title of Adventure Marathon:

1) The course must follow the classical marathon distance of 42.195 m.
2) Various surfaces must occur on the course, and the route cannot appear homogenous. The surface can consist of asphalt, rock, gravel, sand, earth, ice, water, stairs, fallen branches and trunks etc.
3) Abrupt ascents must be part of the course. As a minimum there must occur 5-10% ascents spread over 5 to 10 km, unless the marathon is taking place in high altitude.
4) At least one of the following extreme elements must appear on the course: high altitude (more than 2,000 meters), steep, extended ascents, sand dunes, cold/frost or heat (more than 30 degrees Celsius)
5) The course must be difficult to such an extent that the runners will be finishing 25-75% later than at an average marathon. No more than 10% of the runners are supposed to use less than 3h15min. The average time must be higher than 4h30min.

List of Adventures Marathons

The Great Wall Marathon - May 17th 2008
The Big Five Marathon - June 28th 2008

The Great Tibetan Marathon - July 19th 2008
The Polar Circle Marathon - October 18th 2008
The Taj Mahal Marathon - 2009

Batik Fun Walk to raise funds for cancer groups

The upcoming Fifth Batik Fun Walk 2007 in Kuala Lumpur will be turned into a charity event to help raise RM50,000 for two cancer organisations.

Yayasan Budi Penyayang chief executive officer Datuk Leela Mohd Ali is hoping the event on Nov 25 will attract about 5,000 participants.

Held in conjunction with the Malaysian International Batik Festival from Nov 23 to Dec 2, the 3.5km-long walk will begin at Berjaya Times Square and move down to Jalan Imbi, Jalan Raja Chulan, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Pudu before heading back to the shopping mall.

The RM10 registration fee will go towards Cancerlink Foundation and cancer support group Penyayang Pesakit Kanser.

Speaking at the Penyayang’s Hari Raya gathering at the Pusat Budi Penyayang yesterday, Leela said the organisation decided to add the element of charity to the fun walk.

Also present were Penyayang trustee Datuk Seri Kamal M. Hashim and his wife Datin Seri Su Hashim.

The Fourth Batik Fun Walk last year attracted about 1,000 participants with the theme Batik in Creative Fashion.

Leela said 13 foreign speakers had so far confirmed attendance at the Second Kuala Lumpur International Batik Convention and Exhibition 2007 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from Nov 30 to Dec 2.

For more information, contact Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia at 03-8946 0222, fax 03-8946 0233 or e-mail

Radcliffe returns to win in New York Marathon

British world record-holder Paula Radcliffe made a triumphant marathon return on Sunday, winning the New York City Marathon 10 months after the birth of her daughter.

Radcliffe, 33, won in 2'23:09, beating Ethiopian Gete Wami (2'23:32) to complete a wire-to-wire victory. Radcliffe added another New York title to the one she captured in 2004.

Latvian Jelena Prokopcuka, the winner in New York the past two years, finished third in 2'26:13.

Radcliffe owns four of the five fastest marathons in history, including the world record of 2'15:25. But she hadn't run a marathon since claiming the world championship gold at Helsinki in 2005.

“I love this and I really enjoyed being back and racing marathons and winning marathons,” Radcliffe said. “It felt like old times, especially with Gete, like it was back in 1992 or something.

Radcliffe and Wami separated themselves from the field early, but it was the 33-year-old Briton who prevailed by 23 seconds at the finish in Central Park.

The men's race finished in similar style as Kenya's Martin Lel held off Morocco's Abderrahim Goumri in the final metres to win in 2'09:04.

Results :


1) Martin Lel (Ken) 2'09:04
2) Abderrahim Goumri (Mor) 2'09:16
3) Hendrick Ramaala (Rsa) 2'11:25


1) Paula Radcliffe (Bri) 2'23:09
2) Gete Wami (Eth) 2'23:32
3) Jelena Prokupcuka (Lat) 2'26:13

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ekiden Run

This will be second running relay event which involved Kp& Gang members after PAR 3, we also feel glad to have support from our friends Saiful and Karen to form the 5 persons mix team.

After the registration, we form out the group training and have a survey to the running route at Putrajaya before our submission of final line up. When get to known that most of the elite runners will participated in mix teams, It really make the competition very stiff, because the offered trophy only up to 5 positions. Our hope for the trophy almost scattered after get to known the mix teams have increase to 21 teams. Our target is to get top 10 position.

As usual, we reach Putrajaya very early at 5.40am, meet up with Karen (haha, 1st time get to known our team member, we used to communicate by sms)and Saiful. Start with warm up session after the member introduction and update them the rules and regulation. The transportation to the changing zone a bit delay and havoc, it supposed to be start at 6.30 but delays to 7am plus. My feeling a bit nervous and excited after all the runners has been order to waiting at the dedicated zones. I try to locate for team members but it is just too crowded.

The race start on time at 7.30am after we get the sash, i am at the 5th position after about 300m from the starting. My position change to No.6th after overtook by Japanese defending champion. I do my best to maintain my pace or distance from the 5th runner, it happening up to the 1st changing zone till i pass my sash to Karen.

Karen starting well and steady, she keep her pace constant cause waiting for her will be PICC hill. When she pass the sash to Saiful, our position is at no. 7th.

It going to be tough task to Saiful, he has to run the longest distance and there will 3 hills waiting to "phys co" him. Our position remain at 7th when he pass the sash to TH.

TH, the running route for him slightly different from the brochure, there will be additional turning route with slope at Dataran Putra, Our fren also have to push to the limit to conquer the hill. We are still at 7th position.

SC, our hope to change the fortune, he did it very well and manage to change our position to No.6 at the end. Haha, Too near yet too far from the trophy. Our overall timing is 58:34.

Overall, we are satisfy with our performance, team members give their best to participate, support and sharing of ideas. We are proud to declare ourselves as "Winners".Even though we lost in the trophy, but the most delighted part is our team spirit never down. Bravo...Without Limit

Without Limit - Good Show in EKIDEN Run - 6th Position

Date : 4th Nov 2007
Time : 7.30am
Venue : Palace of Justice, Putrajaya
Distance : 14.3Km (2.6k,2.9k,3.4k,3.3k,2.1km)

Without Limit - SC, Karen,TH, Saiful & KP

KP - 1st runner

Karen - 2nd runner

Saiful - 3rd runner

Sang Cheng - 5th runner

Mission complete, waiting for TH

Mission Complete

Photo with Raja

With Pacemakers friends