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Singapore Marathon 2007 - Last Call

2006 runners,

Last day for 20% discount on early birds registration fees.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Larian Merdeka Kajang

Date : 19th Aug 2007
Time : 7.30am
Venue : Stadium Kajang
Distance : 10KM, 7KM

Melaka Historic Int. Run Photos

Runners Do Live Longer

To Lower Risk on Jogging Trail, Get Off the Couch - By JANE E. BRODY, New York Times

A previously healthy man in his late 40's died of a heart attack during the Turkey Trot on Long Island last year. Then on Memorial Day, another seemingly healthy man in his 50's went out for a run in Brooklyn and died. When you hear about someone who has suffered a heart attack or sudden cardiac death while jogging, the immediate assumption is likely to be that jogging is dangerous to the heart. But is it? The answer is somewhat paradoxical. While jogging, a person — especially someone with underlying heart disease — is more likely to die than if that person were walking or resting at that same moment.

During vigorous exercise, the heart can develop an irregular beat, blood pressure can rise to a dangerous level or plaque from a partly clogged artery can break off and stop blood flow. But — and this is a big but — over all, people who jog, including those with major cardiac risk factors, are less likely to have a heart attack in the long run than if they had not been joggers. Reducing the Risk Centuries ago it was commonly thought that the heart was limited to a certain number of beats and that those who used them up too fast would die young. We now know a lot better.

The heart is a muscle, and like any other muscle in the body, exercising it makes it stronger. It does not have to work as hard to get the job done. This is what is meant by "conditioning" the heart through moderately vigorous physical activity. Conditioning occurs by exercising at a level that gets your heart rate within a target zone determined by your age (subtract your age from 220, then take 50 percent and 75 percent of that number to determine your zone). A well-conditioned heart can pump in 50 beats the same amount of blood that the heart of a sedentary person would pump in 75 beats. In addition, during rest, a well-conditioned heartbeat is slower. Among the major factors that increase a person's chance of developing coronary artery disease, the underlying cause of most heart attacks, are an elevated blood cholesterol level, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and undue stress. The beauty of regular physical exercise is that it counters every one of these risk factors.

Exercise also raises blood levels of HDL cholesterol, which helps to cleanse the arteries of deposits. The main risk factors exercise cannot change are family history and age. These two factors can serve as a warning. If you have a family history of premature heart disease (heart attacks in first-degree relatives that occurred before 65), or if you are middle-aged or older and have been fairly sedentary for years, you would be wise to undergo a thorough physical exam before taking up jogging. My father did not know this in 1967 when he tried jogging for the first time. His father and his father's brother had had heart attacks in their mid-50's. And although my father had always been physically active (brisk walking and swimming were his midlife activities), he had a heart attack about an hour after his first run. Someone who should have known better, however, was James F. Fixx, who died of a heart attack while jogging on July 20, 1984. As the author of "The Complete Book of Running," Mr. Fixx was an international symbol of the jogging revolution. He also had a family history of heart disease; his father died of a heart attack at 43. And he himself had experienced cardiac symptoms in the weeks before his death, symptoms of one or more smaller heart attacks that he ignored. The autopsy revealed that despite being physically active, Mr. Fixx had advanced coronary artery disease: one artery 99 percent clogged, a second 80 percent clogged and the third 70 percent clogged — in sum, a heart attack waiting to happen.

In the course of nearly every marathon, one or more runners keel over with a heart attack, and some die. Heat and dehydration are often contributing factors. In a 1987 study of heart attacks and sudden deaths in marathon runners, 81 percent of the victims had ignored warning symptoms. The lesson here is to take reasonable precautions against sudden death:

•Make sure all cardiac risk factors — especially smoking — are absent or under control.

•If you have been sedentary for years or have any doubts about your cardiac well-being, get checked out beforehand. But keep in mind that passing an exercise stress test is not a guarantee of cardiac health.

•Establish a sensible training program, especially long before an event. All your muscles, not just your heart, need to be up to the stress.

•Run or walk at your own pace (the marathon is a race for only a few young, elite athletes).

•Stay well-hydrated with water at first, then with a sport drink if you sweat heavily or exercise for two or more hours.

•Pay attention to warning signs. If you experience upper body discomfort or pain that could be a symptom of coronary insufficiency during the activity, stop immediately and seek medical attention.

Symptoms that should not be ignored include palpitations; pain, pressure or discomfort in the chest; dizziness or lightheadedness; shortness of breath; and nausea. In addition, if you find during your normal workout that you are getting more winded or fatigued for no apparent reason, that is a signal to get yourself examined. Runners Do Live Longer People with advanced heart disease are at risk of dying suddenly whether they exercise or not. But while vigorous exercise can precipitate a heart attack during a workout and for about an hour afterward, regular physical activity is an important preventive of sudden cardiac death. For example, a study in Seattle of all people who died suddenly in one year showed that those with undetected heart disease were more likely to die during exercise, but they lowered their overall risk of sudden death if they exercised regularly. In other words, if those with heart disease avoided all exercise, their overall risk of sudden death would increase, not decrease. And from a study of 7,620 joggers in Rhode Island, it was calculated that a middle-aged jogger with no known heart disease who ran for one more year was considerably less likely to die suddenly than was a middle-aged nonrunner who drove during that year.

In the long run, various studies have found, jogging adds years to life. Over all, each hour spent exercising (up to 30 hours a week) adds about two hours to a person's life expectancy, according to the Harvard Alumni Study, which has tracked deaths among 17,000 men for more than two decades. Even those who did not start exercising until midlife had a 23 percent lower risk of death over the next 20-odd years. Endurance activities like running, cycling, lap swimming, brisk walking and cross-country skiing conferred the greatest benefit, adding six years of life expectancy over that of a couch potato

Seven Golden Rules of Health

The seven rules:
1. No smoking.
2. Maintain normal weight.
3. Eat regularly and not between meals.
4. Eat breakfast.
5. Sleep eight hours a night.
6. Drink (alcohol) only moderately.
7. Exercise regularly.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Melaka Historic City International 2007

Collected the bib no and t-shirt at evening Saturday, after checked with the organiser, i have been informed that the category A have more than 450 runners, Wah, with the only 100 medals offer and notice that there will be many African and Thailand runners going to participate... it will going to be tough run.

Another dissapointed starting again due to the in-experience organiser, all of us have get ready at the starting point (main road).. then the official asked all the runners must get their ribbon at the stadium... due to the run going to start at anytime, all of us just running to the stadium, but they is nobody there to distribute the ribbon.. I give up and just run back to the starting point.. a minute later... it is officially start.

As usual, i just starting my constant pace... i believe due to the lack of training last week, i not really feel fit after the 5km run (22:48), my leg is a bit heavy that time..I slow down a bit my pace cause worry of that will be 2 hills after that (map info).. by the time i reach 10KM (52:44), there is pain at my left ligament... this really make me worry, it happen previously (3 months ago) but i thought it has been heal. That why after March (KLIM), i decided not to use knee guard again. After 10KM, i starting to feel tired, wah... another 10KM to go... I am going to struggle for the rest of the distance... high spirit is really important at this moment... really need to fight all out with my tired jinx and ligament pain..otherwise i will go back to KL without the medal....

I reach 15KM 1:17... i believe it is not the true distance marker shown coz when i reached 16KM, it only take me 4mins... by looking at my speed... i will need to take 5.30mpace at least for a km run. The situation turn worse when we reach the marker of 19KM... wah for us to reach the KM20... it take me about 14mins. By the time enter the stadium... i decide to sprint again... I finished the race at 1:53:33.. Luckily, still can get the medal.

Raymond struggle with knee pain due to wear the wrong shoes by rely on the info i gave. he finished the run at 2:17:38..paiser.

Overall, the race is quite dissapointed...bad starting, wrong distance marker, no mineral water given at the water stations.. the worst part is at the finishing point, they only provide limited Milo, no mineral water and have to pay RM1.50 for 100plus (this is so called International event, what a shame!!!!!)

Melaka Historic City International Run 2007 Results

Men Open 21KM

1) Tan Kean Peng - 1:53:33
2) Raymond Lim - 2:17:38

Friday, July 27, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Singapore Registration Confirmation

1) KP Tan
RACE: Full Marathon 42.195 km

2) SC Chua
RACE: Full Marathon 42.195 km

3) TH Lee
RACE: Full Marathon 42.195 km

1) 2006 runners are entitled to a 20% discount on their registration fees when they register before 31st July 2007.
2) Early bird fees up to 12th August 2007

U don't know how good your life is...

when you feel like giving up, think of this man

Mizuno Wave Run 2007

Date : 9th Sept 2007
Time : 7.30am
Venue : Padang Merbok
Distance : 10KM

PJ Half Routes

Pacesetters Breakfast Run Map

The Terry Fox Run

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

KUL 10KM 2007

Saturday, 21st July 2007
At first, i thought this will be the lone ranger run for me... or possible only with Raymond, coz other member got class.
I collected the bid no after lunch and visited Sauchony Warehouse, the gang most of them get a pair of new shoes, coz it really worth to buy with the excellent price, while myself due to my feet too small..."sigh".... (US size 9), i only returned with the singlet..
I reached Taman Melawati around 1.15pm, very out-skirt place and surprisingly the respond is quite dissapointed compared to Pacesetter events or even other KL run.. the organiser only arrange few members at the booth to distribute the T-shirts and bid no..With the RM30 registration fees(originally is RM40), it is consider as very expensive. The organiser claim that their main cost is from the medal... (cannot deny it is quite nice look.... and it is also the main attraction or main purpose for rest of my members to delay their class attendant and join me in the run). Which also make me have to rush back to Melawati for theirlast minute registration at ard 6pm.. No regret.. as long as your guys enjoy the race... but if that is any speed track summonce... will pass to u guy...hehehehe.
After this registration, there will be 5 ppls participate in the run...myself, TH, SC, Raymond and CY.

Race Day, 22nd July 2007
Cant really sleep well, always wake up on and off... could be the pressure from the boys, they are going to wear their new sauchony shoes (all of them) to fight with my elixir 2. Make me too exicted liao. Surprisingly, even not enough sleep, myself still feel quite fresh,i still wake up at 4.45am.
After all of us take turn and preparation, we move forward to Melawati at 5:45am and reach at around 6:10am... Too early liao, even the organiser just starting their preparation...warming up while waiting for Raymond. He reach quite late ( if follow the original official starting time that is 7am). Advice him to wear his new sauchony shoes coz his NB is quite heavy, Since it is only 10KM, should not have much problem even with new shoes.. wah, now all of them with their new shoes liao.. must be can fly already, myself old bone really need to be careful lar.
Haiyo, the starting time already delay for 30mins, but we still dont know where is the exact starting place, the very funny thing is even need to move towards front or back also cannot confirm. Make all of us like Mr Bean moving here and there.Might well just move to the finishing point and collect the medal then everyone go to kopitiam yam cha..
Another terrible delay because of waiting for the arrival of VVIP happen again this time (previously was Siemen Run - 15mins delay). Luckily this VIP did not talk a lot and straight away start the race..
I think i stand at the 3rd or 4th from the front line.... the info collected was the route mostly will be the flat ground and the actual distance less than 9km (taiko, u should tell me less than 8km or 7km mar)... Unfortunately, our fren bring us to "Holland" liao... they are 2 to 3 hills lar(of course cannot compare to Iron Hill)..so must change my strategic already, reserve some energy first... The highest 1 somemore i think is just 500m from the starting line... it could be the main reason make TH "o am hin"? luckily supported by SC and can still continue with his sprinting.
I just apply my constant pace and continue with the race... dont want to push too hard at the first 5KM (that time still thought off overall will be 9KM), try to maintain reducing split time like what applied during last week LG training which i never do before. Before reach the water station, i look backward... wah really dangerous liao, TH and SC i think just 150-200m behind me... pressure liao this time... ok turbo a bit at the downhill, hahah, old engine not need to overhaul yet.. still can function quite well...By then decide to pace with one uncle, which i find that our pacing is quite similar. My concentration a bit disturb by one MPAJ official who drive the motorcycle beside me... Taiko, u must be first time doing escorting, wrong ppl u target lar... i am not the Kenyans or if u want to summone me also not at this moment, i only speeding using my leg only mar... not my wira ler..). Alamak, this official really "cute" ler, i think he follow me about 1KM ...make me really want to vomit blood ...
We turn to the roundabt and heading to the mosque... ??? towards finishing or more to go??? really make me blur blur.. sprinting or not to??? meet Rachel and been informed that it is going to complete soon... what to wait? last 100-200m, pia liao... hahah, finish at 30:20min.... Old bone still selamat this time... the boys still can't beat me.... hehehee, TH just 30sec behind me while SC is 1 min.. well done, guys... carry on. Raymond finished at 36:42 while CY 38:20. Both of you also have improvement... put more effort in training, sure can get better result.
Overall, this is quite a good race, coz i can see my gang really fight all out for better results. The happiest thing is everyone return with injury free.. cheers.

Next Race : 29th July 2007 - The Melaka Historic Run - 1/2 Marathon.

KUL 10K 2007 Result

Date : 22nd July 2007
Time : 7:45am
Venue : Padang Fasa 5, Taman Melawati
Distance : 7KM

Results :

1) KP Tan - 30:20
2) TH Lee - 30:50
3) SC Chua - 31:23
4) Raymond - 36:42
5) CY Chua - 38:20

Saturday, July 21, 2007

PJ Half 2007 - Medals and Certificates

Kenyan Kiptoo among entries for ‘King of the Road’ race

More than 80 foreign runners including 2007 Penang Bridge Run winner Sammy Kiprop Kiptoo from Kenya are among the 10,000 participants registered for the 'King of the Road’ marathon which will be held on the New Pantai Highway here on Aug 5.

New Pantai Expressway Sdn Bhd (NPE) managing director Neoh Soon Hiong said the event, the first ever marathon held on an elavated highway, has attracted 40 Singaporeans, 20 Thais, 20 Kenyans and 5,000 school children.

“Besides them, about 5,000 participants have registered. The closing date is today but we will still accept late entries,” said Soon Hiong yesterday.

He said the ‘King of the Road’ marathon which is in its ninth edition since 1996 would for the first time feature a 21km half-marathon event.

In the previous year, the events were for the 10, 7 and 5km categories only.

The 21km event will start at Sunway Pyramid to the Kewajipan Roundabout in Subang Jaya and back to Sunway Pyramid for the finishing line.

“We have to close the entire stretch of NPE, starting from Kewajipan roundabout in Subang Jaya to the Kuchai Interchange at KL-Seremban Highway, including all 23 junctions or interchanges, for all traffic from 5am to 10am on that day.

“The total closure of the highway will make the event the safest marathon compared to other events held at highways,” he said.

Winner of the 21km event will take home RM3,000, runners-up RM2,500 and third place will receive RM2,000.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vitamin C Pills

Note : It is still a good idea for those under extreme physical stress such as marathon runner.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NB Klang Pacers 12KM RUN 4 IT 2007

Date : 2nd Sept 2007
Time : 7:15am
Venue : Padang Sultan Sulaiman, Klang
Distance : 12KM

For those who are interested, registration can be done by this Sunday, 22nd July 2007, at Taman Melawati,during KL 10K Run.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Singapore Marathon 2007

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007 returns... Bigger & better!

With increased participation from runners and supporters as well as an enhanced experience for all, the sixth edition of the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon promises to be bigger and better. Find out more...

Early Bird Registration Begins!

Early Bird registration for the running event of the year begins from 16 July to 12 August. Find out more about how to register.

Sign up now to enjoy the special early bird rates!

2006's runners get rewarded

Runners from 2006 are entitled to a 20% discount* on their registration fees when they register before 31 July. To enjoy this exclusive discount, runners have to key in their identification/ passport number when they register online OR present their direct- mailer, along with their identification card/ passport for verification in-person at the 2 SAA registration centre.

*Offer may not be combined with other promotions or discount offers


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Seremban Half Photos

Seremban Half

Wake up at 3:45am by Ah Du again... as usual, light breakfast, shower then fetch my gang at 4:35am. We straight away moving to seremban. Since it is still early, i just follow have relax drive Seremban at 5:20am. By the time we reachedN.S Padang, it is still quite quiet and without many runners.
The race start at about the right time (cant confirm, coz watch already shift to sport timer), we just standing at the 2nd and 3rd line from the starting points. I starting the race with normal pace, coz want to reserve some energy after 11Km heard that it will starting with hilly run.
Quite upset at 2nd km, when saw someone selling the mineral water with Rm1 each... unfortunately this year they will be totally dissapointed coz the organiser got some improvements by providing 3 water stations and few sponging stations , plus few distance markers. TQ.
I meet up AP Tan when come to 3rd KM, whom i lost to him in IIR about 30sec.. This will be good opportunity for me to pace with him... at least can quite confident that my timing wont run too far from IIR if i am able to follow his pace.We even have short introduction at the 10KM..hehehe
We managed to continue until 11KM till the uphill....then, my nightmare happen, i start feel pain at my right side of abdomen and got a feeling toilet is waiting for me... my goodness... the feeling is become stronger and strongest and at the end before i reached 12km... the feeling turn into reality....sigh...
When i back to the race...i saw a lot of runners in front of me which all of them behind me for the first 11Km. This even make me more nervous and under extreme pressue...by the time i reached at 12sKm, it is already 1:08...i feel that it is time for me to calm down and plan for the other strategic, otherwise even 1:55, i dont think i can make it.
Saw ah cheng 100m away when i pass 13Km, decide to increase my speed to run side by side with him, he did a good job and i know that he is going to make sub 2 hrs if he can continue with the current pace... while ah Hoo still at the back which make me worry of his fighting spirit or could be still suffering with muscle strain. I managed to pass ah cheng and continue with my
pace and saw ccube just in front of me... first time i meet him..
After speeding race, it make me quite tired liao...but i just tell myself to carry on for the last 2KM, Meet Tey but really not much energy to say hi to him oredi... paiser paiser.
Turn to padang, i only managed to make it at 1:54:55 at the position of 39. while ah cheng at 1:56 position of 43, Hoo at 2:06.

Next Race : KL 10K

Friday, July 13, 2007

Going on a run for charity

source from The STAR

The International Medical University (IMU) recently announced the launch of the IMU Charity Run & Carnival 2007, organised in conjunction with IMU’s 15th Anniversary celebrations.
IMU students have played major roles in organising the event under the leadership of IMU Charity Run & Carnival Organising Committee president Jackie Tan, who is supported by Charity Run Organising Committee vice-president Patrick Chan and Carnival Organising Committee vice-president Ng Kean Aun.
The event will be held on Sept 8 at the IMU Bukit Jalil campus. The Charity Run starts at 6.30am, followed by the Carnival from 8am to 4pm.
It aims to raise RM50,000 for two homes – Santa Jerome and Rumah Shalom – and for a village it adopted recently, Kampung Angkat Orang Asli Serendah, as well as to promote community awareness among IMU students, the faculty and neighbouring community.
So far, about RM15,000 has been raised from fund-raising activities such as the Christmas party held in December 2006, refreshments sales, and a recycling project that was started in Apr 2007.
“It’s important that we in the health and medicine sector create value to our service. It’s not only an obligation, but a privilege to be of service to others,” IMU president Tan Sri Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman said.
“It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or faculty member; you have to be of value to your community and team, and also your family. Everyone’s contribution matters, from the support staff to the students,” said Abu Bakar, who later unveiled a banner to mark the event’s launch.
“We want to get the students away from their desks and library for a day to do a charitable act. So long as each person contributes a little, we are one step towards making our world a better place. So far, the activity that generated the most money was the Christmas party, which raised RM6,000,” Tan said.
“Meanwhile, the recycling project generated the most response as it extended to those staying in the nearby Vista Komanwel Condominiums, which has about 70 to 80% residents with their families,” Tan said.
“We’ve raised RM3,000 so far and intend to raise more as this particular project will go on till Sept,” said the second year medical student.
The Carnival will feature games and food stalls, free health screenings, lucky draws, a haunted house and performances by local artistes.
The Charity Run is divided into four categories: 7km Male Open (adult male and students from MAPCU/tertiary institutions), 7km Female Open (adult female and students from MAPCU/tertiary institutions), 5km Male Secondary School, and 5km Female Secondary School. “There will be a unique scoring system for secondary students and those from MAPCU (Malaysian Association of Private Colleges and Universities), which is based on 50% participation and 50% speed,” said Chan, also a second year medical student.
Registration fee is RM15 for the Open categories and RM10 for the Secondary School categories.
The committee will be promoting the event via roadshows at MAPCU institutions, and forms will be distributed to secondary schools via the Federal Territory of KL Education Department.
For details and to download the Charity Run’s registration form, visit www.imu.edu.my/15Anniversary/events_charity.html or call 03-8656 7228. Registration deadline is Aug 24.

IMU Charity Run & Carnival

Date : 8th Sept. 2007
Time : 6.30am
Venue : International Medical Centre, Bukit Jalil
Distance : 7KM, 5KM
Registration Form : http://www.imu.edu.my/15Anniversary/download/charityrun2007.pdf

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Putrajaya Breakfast Run

Date : 19th August 2007

Time : 7.30am

Venue: Taman Wetlands, Putrajaya

Pacesetters Athletic Club, Malaysia is pleased to invite all members and friends to attend the official launch of our Putrajaya Area Group on 19th August 2007 at Taman Wetlands, Putrajaya (please see map at the back of this page). It will be a simple ceremony to be held after a run in the area.

The run will start at 7.30am, and will be 5km and 10km, and will be led by our Putrajaya members headed by Mr CK Tan and ably assisted by Major Ishak. It is not a competitive run, and there will be gifts from Brooks for all those completing either of the runs. Breakfast will also be provided, courtesy of Brooks

Do note that you must register before 13th August, by paying a RM2 registration fee each for members as well as non-members. This is to facilitate the order for the breakfast, as we do not want to run out of food for those attending this special event.

Please register early with :

CK Tan 012 – 3739 407
Major Ishak 013 – 6138 495
Jenny Lim 03 – 7981 5895

Seremban Half Marathon - Water Stations Every 3KM

source from THE STAR

FOUR more corporations have endorsed the Seremban Half Marathon (SHM) by sponsoring the annual event.
The four companies are Kian Joo Can Factory Bhd, Samsung Group Malaysia, Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd and F&N Coca-Cola (M) Sdn Bhd.Kian Joo Can Factory Bhd contributed RM13,000 to the run that will be held on July 15 at the N.S. Padang in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.
“Since we're running our business in Seremban, this is a good opportunity for our employees to join the run; it will give them a sense of belonging to the society,” said Samsung Electronics Display (M) Sdn Bhd managing director Cho Kwang Woo.
The company will be sending four teams to participate in the Corporate Fun Run category.
Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd will be sponsoring RM5,000, drinks worth RM2,000 and RM1,000 worth of exclusive products.
“We appreciate our long-term relationship with the Antah Group and the good cause of the marathon. We have some nice goodies to contribute as a token of appreciation to share with the runners, especially in the Corporate Fun Run category,” said Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Bhd corporate communications manager Pearl Lai Ming Choo.
F&N Coca-Cola (M) Sdn Bhd will provide 100 Plus isotonic drinks to all runners and also at the water stations.
“We're delighted at the opportunity to work with SHM. We always try to support sporting events at all levels and this is also a chance for us to give back to our loyal customers,” said event and sponsorship manager Muhammad Fauzi Ahmad.
SHM organising chairman Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad said the water stations and sponging stations would be administered in full force this year.
“We received some complaints on the water stations last year, so this year, things will be better. There will be stations every 3km,” he said.
He also said the top 10 national athletes in the men's and women's 21km category would be given prizes this year.
Tunku Naquiyuddin Tunku Ja'afar is the SHM patron.
The SHM is held in conjunction with the Yang-di Pertuan Besar Negri Sembilan’s 85th birthday celebrations.
Proceeds from the SHM will go towards the promotion of the junior and disabled athletes in Negri Sembilan. Surplus funds will be placed in the Negeri Sembilan Junior Athletes' Development Fund.
The 21km run has three categories – women’s open (19 years and above), men’s senior (19 to below 40 years) and men’s veteran (above 40 years).
The 11km run has six categories – women’s senior (19 to below 35 years), women’s veteran (35 to below 45 years), women’s senior veteran (45 years and above), men’s senior (19 to below 40 years), men’s veteran (40 to below 50 years) and men’s senior veteran (50 years and above).
There is a 9km run for boys and girls (13 to below 19 years).
This year, there is also a 3km family fun run (comprising two adults and two children below 13 years).
The SHM is organised by the Antah Group, Seremban Municipal Council, Seremban Hash House Harriers and Negri Sembilan Amateur Athletic Association.
The Star is the official media and Suria FM, the official radio station.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stamina - Field Training

Try to set some target for yourself. Let's say you start off today with running around the field for 10 rounds. Do it constantly for 1 week. Try to improve your time day by day. It will be good if you know the distance of 1 round of the field…so that you will know what's the time per km that you run. Let start with something light. Put it around 5km of training per day. And also set your target…..maybe 4mins 30secs per km. Do it everyday until you achieve it. If 1 week is not enough, do it for another week and so on. I know this will be a much more boring training…..but bear in mind, doing the same thing everyday will make yourself immune to the stress. Once you achieve, you can now increase your distance target to 10km. And try to make yourself maintain the time of 4mins 30secs. 10km is always the base since we don't have much marathons going on in Malaysia. When 10km with 4mins 30secs per km target is achieved, switch to time improvement again. This time, target for 4mins per km. Again, practice until you achieve. This is how endurance will produce stamina for you. If you are ambitious to go further, repeat until you achieve 15km and then 20km.

Monday, July 9, 2007

2007 Run 4 it 12KM New Balance Klang Pacers

Organiser : Klang Pacers Athletic Club
Date : 2nd Sept 2007
Time : 7.15am
Distance : 12KM
Venue : Padang Sultan Sulaiman, Klang.
Early bird fees : RM25 before 10th Aug 07
Limited to 600 entries
Finisher medal (pewter) will be awarded to all participants.

Larian 10K Utusan

Date : 29th Julai 2007

Time : 7.30am

Venue : Padang Komplek Sri Utusan, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

Distance : 10KM,7KM & 3KM

Siemens Photos

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Siemens Run

Date : 8th July 2007
Time : 7:45am (delay for 15 minutes)
Venue : Dataran Merdeka
Distance : 10.6KM??

Results :

Men Open :

KP - 50:40 (58)
Raymond - 65:11

Men Jnr Veteran

CS Wan - 67:00

It really a tough race for me to achieve this time, i really push myself up to the limit, never feel that jialat until want to vomit at 9Km. I almost skip all the water stations, just simply grab water at one of the station to make myself wet and quickly continue. IIR half experience told me that, by stopping at the water station, it really killed a lot of your hard earning split time.
Quite frustrated at the begining, i almost fall down after been pushed to left and right and my leg has been attacked by someone. The hill/slope training really help me a lot to achieve the better time. I still keep the same method , by not thinking or looking too much and make myself not confident, i just concentrate look at my watch and monitor the same split time for every km if can. I failed on the first km (feel surprised it look like quite long), luckily can rectified it after the next 3km. At the water stations at Hoki Stadium turning downslope, my timing is at 20mins. I feel myself quite breathless after pushing too hard on the hilly part, so decide to slow a bit to get back enough oxygen, it make me better after a km, then i speeding a bit up to 8KM, I keep telling myself must carry on , dont get regret by defeated at the last 2KM.
Eventhough my breathing just slighty better than buffalo, dont care lar... just continue and after a while, feel like want to vomit, quickly take a deep breath few times... by that time reached at 9km after Padang Merbok, i keep telling myself, only last km left, nothing can stop you already. Suddenly the grand ma and grandpa photos (IIR) appear in my mind.... no age limit spirit....no excuse for me to say cannot liao... continue speeding at the last turning at DM towards finishing point.... finished at 50:40 at the position no.58, it really surprise me and really make me happy...it really return of all my hardwork so far....
Thanks to the organiser, if without the distance markers, i dont think i can achieve this results. It will help me a lot to adjust my time based on the distance for the coming Dataran Merdeka events after this race.
Next Race : Seremban Half Marathon

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Petai contain three natural sugars -sucrose, fructose and glucose - combined with fiber, petai gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. Research has proved that just two servings of petai provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. No wonder petai is the number one fruit with the world's leading athletes. But energy isn't the only way petai can help us keep fit. It can also help overcome or prevent a substantial number of illnesses and conditions, making it a must to add to our daily diet.

Seremban Half 2007

Date : 15th July 2007
Time : 6:45pm
Venue : Padang NS
Distance : 21.1KM, 11Km

For those who are interested, the registration, collection of bib and T-shirt can be done on the spot at Section 14, PJ starting from next Wednesday, 11th July 2007.

Last year, they gave Selangor Pewter finishing medal's. Hopefully it will be the same for this year.

The address and contact detail as follow:

No.3 Jalan 19/1,
46300 Petaling Jaya

Tel : 03-79567045 (Miss Jenny)

Friday, July 6, 2007

Mizuno and Saucony Shoes

Dear Gang & friends,

Good News.

For Mizuno and Saucony running shoes. we are entitled for DISCOUNT as high as 33% for Mizuno and 40% for Saucony.

Dont miss the chance..

Mr Ccube, kam siah very much.


PAR Run III 2007 - Trial Run

Dear Die Hard 5.0 Gang,

There will be a trial run or time trial for PAR Run III scheduled as follow:

Date : 16th Sept 2007
Time : 7:45am, 8:00am and 8:15am ( split into 3 batches in case of too crowded)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Some Thoughts On Crowd Control

Source from - Carboman Post

Some Thoughts On Crowd Control
There have been lots of debate (see here - http://pm1.blogspot.com/2007/06/pbm-tns-from-anonymous.html#comments & http://pm1.blogspot.com/2007/06/der-penang-bridge-marathon-amkam-update.html#comments) regarding the crowd issue in the recent Penang Bridge Marathon. These exchanges are healthy and should be encouraged, provided they take a proactive stance and no personal jabs.

I'd like to add my personal take. Established marathons employ different ways to counter crowd.

They can be:
1) limiting the number of entries
2) stagger start
3) different start/end points
4) enforcement

In the context of the recent PBM, from what I can see, there wasn't any complains pertaining to the actual start, except the long-standing issue of entry to the USM gate, which is a classic case of the organizers unwilling to sit down and reengineer the registration process. As for runners being caught by the road closures, I think this is not the case of the organizers erring but the lack of preps on the part the runners in finding out about the road closures and getting there earlier.

So let's take a look at the above 4 crowd countermeasures.

1) Limiting the number of entries
This should be considered by the PBM organizers. Major marathons have this restriction enforced. NYC Marathon cap their entries at around 40,000, Boston via stringent qualifying times and 31,000 or so, Singapore at 22,000... Those that have qualifying times are more elite in nature and these are steeped in history and tradition and nearly as glamorous as the Olympics Marathon. So this is a viable option for Penang as well - the capping part, and not the qualifying part.

2) Stagger Start
I don't think this is an issue since the marathoners set off at an insane 3am, half at 4:30am, followed by the rest. Having said that, the organizers need to rethink the gate entry.

3) Different start/end points
NYC marathon with 40,000 participants, have runners segregated not only by Pace Groups but also starting locations. How many start points? Not 2 but 3! The runners are differentiated by bib colours. They're only merged at around the 10K mark. The logistics and thought-process that went into the planning are stupendous and can only mean that these guys are passionate and take pride in what they do. For PBM, there wasn't any starting problems, nor will it ever reach the numbers of the Big 5 Marathons (NYC, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, London) so let's look at the finishing problems. What they could've have done would be to let the marathoners continue along the coastal road past the marine police building. Then they can take the same loop around RECSAM back to the starting line. To reduce the distance to compensate the extra run, they don't have to run until Seagate but instead U-turn around the Queensbay Mall area (either just cut across the divider or use a ramp). Since the main road is already closed both ways, they should make use of it. The marathon finish will be the same spot as the start. The rest can finish on the other side of the road but not on the field. The field is strictly for crowd holding and relaxing. Erect 1 gantry for marathon finish and 1 for 21K and below. No budget for gantries? Use banners then. In the case if NYC marathon, Central Park is definitely more than adequate to handle the crowd.

For a fantastic NYC Marathon photo report see here http://www.uli-sauer.de/laufen/stories/2005newyork/2005newyork-marathon_e.htm Which brings me to the last point below.

4) Enforcement
This is where all the volunteer and uniform bodies come into play, ensuring the runners are channeled into the correct lanes, don't cut queue at the finish gantry, don't block the gates, continue walking towards the field. Take the crowd and channel them quickly to the field. The uniform persons should also enforce queues at the refreshment stations (which should have been more strategically placed). I don't see any semblence of crowd control in Penang. Neither were there barricades, A-boards, etc... There are many ways to make a runner feel welcomed at a roadrace. While PBM was tied in with the VMY2007, there was hardly anything that linked it to the tourism extravaganza. In fact I heard news that the local residents there were not very supportive and because of that the marathon category will be scrapped next year. In NYC, over 2 million supporters, majority of them residents, line up the route to cheer the runners. Many run NYC not to do their best times but to EXPERIENCE the city. That single race day was also regarded as the best way to see NYC on foot. Regardless of the multi-ethnicity and notoriety of NYC, that few days in November are when everyone comes together (talk about running bringing people together!). NYC need not channel advertising money into tourism to bring people in. The marathon can do the job.

Penang has so much more potential to draw loyal runners but their repeated mistakes combined with the evident lack of experience (at least they should seek experience voices out there) make PBM look like a 6-star event. Which is really a shame. Before you say that if I'm complaining so much, I might as well don't run PBM and just travel to overseas races. But that would be missing the point. Not everyone can afford to participate in overseas races. The point I'm trying to make here is not to ridicule the organizers and most certainly not trumpeting the notion that West is best. We can certainly do as well, if not better. We live here and if we don't seek to improve - in the case of this article, to generate awareness and offer suggestions - then what's the point of just complaining? We really need to compile these valuable feedback and send to the organizers be they in Penang, KL or Ipoh, copy The Sun, Footloose and high traffic web community like Kennysia.com. Do what we can to better things because like it or not, we live here in this country and if the organizers are not willing to change, we runners have to take up the role as agents of change.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ipoh International Run 2007 - No age limit pia !! - Salute and Fully Respect

photo sources : from Tey (tqvm)

Once again, to all the grandpa's and grandma's, well done, congratulation, salute and fully respect. All of you are so special. "Malaysia Boleh, Engkau lagi Boleh."

To my dereast gang and friends; please be realise, respect and thinking off all the above grandpa's and grandma's running spirit;

1) When you complaint that you have no energy or ''mo hei".

2) When you think off your body too weak or restriction to your running.

3) When you think off running can be short cut to achieve good result or just rely to "form".

4) When you are afraid of hilly or ascending slope.

5) When you though that training of l to 2 laps is enough or maximum limit to you.

6) Compare your age with them, then compare you capability and running performance.

7) When you think off running can make you injured?

8) When you easily give up or thinking off quit running.

9) When you scare or worry of distances.

10) When you lazy on training.

11) When you think off running is very difficult.

12) When you think off age is a limitation or restriction to your performance.

13) When you think that no fun in running.

14) When you complaint of heat and humidity weather.

15) When you complaint that the qualifying time is impossible.

16) When you worry off speeding can make you exhausted.

17) When you are lack of "PIA" spirit.

18) When you think that your weight is a restriction.

19) When you complaint that your leg or muscle is too "lesu" after one day training and need to rest for a week.

20) When you can think that they are born to be runner or the grandpa's or grandma's body conditions is stronger or fit than you.

21) When your mind or you think that you are too tired or need to stop and walk during the race.

Please feel free and very welcome to add any comment for sharing........

Lastly, respect the distances and enjoy the run.....be confident to yourself, wake up your hidden power... you can do it, nothing is impossible.