Thursday, August 30, 2007

What A Bad Day

Just finished training at Tasik Permaisuri, a malay guy (according to chinese uncle) broke in my car.

My belonging has been stolen

1) HP
2) IC & Driving licence
3) Credit Cards
4) All other cards
5) Cash


1) HP
2) Cash
3) IC and Driving licence

3 mizuno race t-shirts, reporting card and bib nos.

I will be uncontactable at the moment.

Any matters, please email to

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Larian Merdeka - Cheras MCA

Date : 2nd Sept 2007
Time : 8:00am
Venue : Taman Segar
Distance : 5KM

Larian Merdeka Selayang

SELAYANG will hold its 50th National Day Celebration near the Selayang Stadium on Sept 2 with numerous activities lined up for the public.

The celebration, organised by Yayasan Ikhlas Selayang, Gerakan Belia 4B Selangor dan Selayang Barisan Nasional component parties, is set to welcome 80,000 voters in the area.

Taman Templer assemblyman Datuk Ahmad Bhari Abd Rahman said about 5,000 students from the surrounding schools were expected to join the Larian Merdeka to be held on Sept 1 and continue until the next day.

To beef up the excitement, there will also be helicopter rides, rock climbing, FI exhibition, agriculture exhibition and culture shows.

For details on the activities, call Ismail Yaacob at 03-61368358 or 019-427 9277.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

SJ 10K

Date : 26th Aug 2007
Time : 7:30am
Venue : MPSJ
Distance : 10KM

Another pressure event again, after knew that the men category bib no up to 1500, while only 100 medals provided.Wah, for guarantee of medal, just imagine how many runners you got to beat. While as one of the popular event, for sure there will be most of the elite runners will be there. Well, It is also all the KP & Gang member participate after PBIM.

We reached USJ at 6:50am, another cloudy day again.. seem like it is going to rain like yesterday. After reporting, all of us moving to the starting point. The event flag off on time..TH really give me a big surprise very powerful sprinting at the starting point.. our fren back to normal already...At first, my strategic is 5min/km for the first 3-4kms, then speeding for the rest...By looking at TH action, i got to change my strategic and have to follow him closer.

Our fren give me 2nd surprise, he can keep his constant pace up to 7.5km. all the way i keep my distance abt 50m from him. This will be very interesting match for two of us this time, i also keep thinking how to plan to have better chance to beat him. If i overtake him now, i might have to struggle up to lousai till the end if TH really pushed me kaukau. If i let him to lead me up to last 2km, he shall very confident and pia with me up to the end, because, he knew that he can sprint faster than me. At the end, i decided to overtake him at 7.5km, after the u-turn, I really tired already, but dont want to miss the chance and let ppl sayur me... so i decide just push to the end..alamak, that is 1 youngster overtake me at the last 20m.

Quite a good event (except the mineral water finished too fast), I and TH also have new PR here. SC and CW also have better result compared to last year. Raymond struggle with stomach pain, CY and PL still a lot to improve.

Sim, siti and farana finished the run at 86mins.

Next Race : Run 4 it 12KM NB Klang Pacers

Subang Jaya 10K

Date : 26 Aug 2007
Time : 7.30am
Venue : MPSJ
Distance : 10KM

Results :

Men open :

1) Tan Kean Peng : 45:00 (49th)
2) Lee Tiong Hoo : 46:00 (71st)
3) Chua Sang Cheng : 52:54
4) Ng Chuan Wen : 53:45
5) Raymond Lim : 57:48
6) Chuah Chin Yeong : 64:37
7) Phuah Phuay Leong : 79:07
8) Sim Eng Guan : 86:23

Women Open :

1) Siti Aishah : 86:23
2) Farana : 86:23

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Larian Merdeka Photos

Wet Wet Run

Event : Larian Merdeka
Date : 25 Aug 2007
Time : 7.30am
Venue : Taman Tasik Permaisuri
Distance : 7KM (actual +/- = 6KM)

Another wet wet run since after PD Half.

We treat this event a bit difference, we just want to have relax run and enjoy the momenet.

We reach TTP about 6:50am, Raymond already there. we have snap photos with Raymond, Weng and his family. At the time of 7.10am, the sky already very cloudy, as foreseen, we can ran away from the rain anymore, just hope that the organiser still start on time cause we have to back to work. we are quite worry when we heard that they will still accept registration.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks to DBKL and FTAAA by start the event on time, at least it will let us run in peace of mind rather than will be late to the office. The race start with quite different environment which you can seen that a lot of elite runners did not speeding at the starting but just relax their pacing. Seem like most of them are reserving their energy for SJ 10K.

KP& Gang also joke around during the run, i really enjoy this race whereby got time to chat around rather than bearing all the pressure, just aiming for finishing point and grab the medal. I already lost this type of feeling quite sometimes. Today, i can look around the surrounding and say "hi" to those i known. Three of us just keep the pace until i think at least about 4.5KM. I think Raymond and Kelvin Ng both of them pace together and chat from starting till the finishing point.

Turn to the finishing point, I finished in 31:33(28th), TH 32:36(35th). SC 32:43 (37th) and Raymond 34:28 (40th). While another three of our friends, KK, Siti and Guan finished at 60:00.

Next Race : Subang Jaya 10K

Larian Merdeka Results

Date : 25 Aug 2007
Time : 7.30am
Distance : 6KM

Men Open
1) Tan Kean Peng - 31:33 (28th)
2) Lee Tiong Hoo - 32:36 (35th)
3) Chua Sang Cheng - 32:43 (37th)
4) Raymond Lim - 34:28 (40th)
5) Sim Eng Guan - 60.00

Friday, August 24, 2007

Charity walk

To commemorate Hari Wanita 2007, WAO and The Body Shop are organising Walk of Love, Celebrating Women, at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, PJ, on Saturday (Aug 25) at 6pm. The event begins with a light walk-a-thon around The Curve. It is open to men and women of all ages. Tickets are priced at RM30 per person. Tickets are available at all The Body Shop store in the Klang Valley. Please retain the tickets to claim your Body Shop Walk of Love T-Shirt from the registration counter on the day of the walk. For details, call Annie or Didie at 03-7957 5636 or 03-7957 0636.

SJ 10K - Number Collection and Registration

Those who had registered for the Subang Jaya 10km Run on Sunday (Aug 26), can collect their numbers from today at the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ). The numbers will be distributed from 10am onwards. Those wishing to register for the Run can submit their entry form until 12 noon on Saturday (Aug 25).

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Running for a cause - KINRARA Run

source from THE STAR

THE Kinrara Run 2007 will he held on Aug 26 in conjunction with Merdeka month celebrations.

Organised by the State Assembly N29 Seri Serdang, the Parent-Teacher Association of SK Seksyen 1, Bandar Kinrara, with co-operation from the Residents Association Zone 22 MPSJ, the run aims to raise funds to upgrade the school's facilities and for the PTA.

It has eight categories - primary school boys (aged 10 - 12, 5km), primary school girls (aged 10-12, 5km), secondary school boys (aged 13-19, 8km), secondary school girls (aged 13-19, 6km), men's (aged 20-39, 10km), women's (aged 20-39, 8km), men's veteran (40 years and above, 5km) and women's veteran (40 years and above, 5km).

Cash prizes will be given away to the first three winners in each category while trophies will be awarded to the first 10 runners.

Registration fee is RM3 for primary school students, RM5 for secondary school students and RM10 for the rest.

Deadline for registration is Aug 26, 7am.

Entry forms can be obtained from SK Seksyen 1, Bandar Kinrara, or downloaded from

How to Run Longer


This can help you to run longer and faster and have energy to burn afterwards.


1)Pick a time later in the day if at all possible. Your body temperature increases throughout the day, which is an indicator of your body's metabolism. (Opinions differ on this -- many people believe morning is the best time for longer runs because of the fact that your body temperature is lower and you are better able to tolerate the increases from exercise. Also, races tend to be in the morning.)

2)Eat well the day of your run. Don't just gorge on sweets and fatty foods. Look for long-lasting carbohydrates, like oatmeal for example. Also, do not eat anything for at least two hours before you run.

3)Make sure that during the day you stay well hydrated, but don't just drink water. Make sure you include electrolyte beverages (such as Gatorade). Drinking water alone can actually be harmful. It's easy to upset the sodium balance in your blood if you don't have plenty of salt reserves.

4)Have something to keep your mind occupied, like a music player for example. Sometimes, just going out without one can give you some much needed time to think. After a long day, there's nothing much like a good long run to clear your head.

5)Make sure you stretch well and are nice and warmed up before you start. Then just get out there and do it.


1)Make sure you have a good pair of running shoes with good support for your arches. Injury is very possible if you don't use proper equipment.

2)Don't start out too fast, it will adversely affect you towards the end of the run.

3)Drink plenty of milk to help keep strong bones and muscles. But not right before or after a run.

How to Be a Good Runner

source from

1)Motivate yourself. If you want to get better at running, it should be because YOU want to get better at running, not because your coach or your family wants you to get better.

2)Run consistently. Get into a routine and stick to it. For example, run 5-6 days a week and take at least a day off each week for your body to recover. Your progress will go downhill if you don't give your body time to rest.

3)Do other workouts that will help.

a)A Tempo Run is running at a steady, uncomfortable pace for a shorter time. This is a great workout.

b)Hill repeats are sprinting up a hill and then going down it to do it again. Don't go too hard down the hill. You may even want to walk down the hill.

c)Track workouts involve doing repeats of different distances around a track. One example of a track workout would be running 4x400 meters with a three minutes rest in between. Mix distances and rest times to find track workouts that work for you.

d)Intervals are when you run hard for 3/4 of a distance, then jog slowly for the last 1/4 and repeat as many times as you desire.

e)Do exercises to strengthen your ankles and to prevent shin splints. One thing you can do is walk on your tip toes and heels for a minute or two each day.

4)Maintain a healthy diet. Eat food with carbohydrates and protein for energy and to build your muscles. Also, calcium will help strengthen your bones, which can receive a lot of stress from running.

5)Get the right stuff. Make sure you use the right running shoes and apparel so that you can run safely and comfortably for years to come.

6)Improve your form.

7)Exploring the scenery through running

8)Set new challenges for yourself. Run faster, longer, and in different settings.

9)Support running. Go to racing events. Advertisers who fund races expect to see faces. Be one of the faces and cheer on fellow runners.

10)Ask other runners for advice.

11)Join a running club or a sports team.

12)Teach other people how to run.

How to Run Faster

source from

Steps 1

1)Make a commitment to train at least four days a week.

2)Gradually build a base of conversational pace running (a pace at which you can talk). Increase your pace no more than 10% a week. Make every fourth week an easy recovery week. Alternate between longer and shorter runs.

3)After a minimum of three months of base work, averaging three hours per week running, start following this weekly schedule:

Day 1 - Tempo run. Warm up 10 minutes. Run briskly for 20 minutes (80% effort), cool down 10 minutes.

Day 2 - Rest day

Day 3 - Easy 30 minute run

Day 4 - 40/20s. Warm up 10 minutes, 12 cycles of Sprint 40 seconds, jog 20 seconds. Cool down 10 minutes.

Day 5 - Rest day

Day 6 - Long run. Start slowly and run conversational pace for 40-90 minutes. It is helpful to have a running buddy or friend/spouse/kid willing to toodle along on a bike.

Day 7 - Rest day

4)Try challenging yourself once every two weeks or so with this technique:

a)Find a local track (1/4 mile) or flat surface (1/4 mile) to run on.

b)Stretch and do a light warm up (e.g. 25 jumping jacks or a light jog).

c)Do a 1/4 mile sprint followed by a 1/4 mile jog. Do the sprint & jog routine for at least 2 miles.

d)Beat your own time. Once you have your initial times, you do not want to go below it. At least maintain an average.

e)Do a cool down. After every run, you do not just want to stop running. Walk the run off till your heart rate is moderate. Then stretch.

5)Increasing your upper body strength by lifting weights is a good way to build speed to run faster. The lower back and shoulder are also important. Exercises like pull ups, sit ups, and push ups to improve core strength are important to good running. Do not do heavy exercises like squats, leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls, and calf raises, lunges every day, as they tend to overwork your legs. The added leg strength is not worth being injured frequently. Instead, do 2-3 reps of one minute of wall-sits two times a week along with lunges with light weights or a medicine ball.

6)Make a commitment. Do not quit your regimen - do not tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow, you're too tired, you're too busy.


1)Purchase gear from a shop where the staff are knowledgeable (large commercial stores are not knowledgeable stores, find a smaller specialty shop). Invest in good training shoes that are both light and comfortable. Running shoes without sufficient cushioning can cause shin splints and other injuries. Replace shoes every 300 miles or if they're deformed in any way.

2)When you are ready to race, pick a local race with a distance less than or equal to your standard long run. Cut back your volume 50% the week before. Run no faster than your tempo pace the first half and see how many people you can pass in the second half of the race.

3)Stretching is the most important thing you can do. It will help you not get sore and makes you more flexible

4)Recovering is also very important. If you do a hard work out one day, you get better by making sure that your next day is easy and you stretch a lot.

5)Time sprinting and jogging by using telephone poles. Sprint from one pole to another and then jog for two poles. Sprint again to the next pole, jog past the next two, etc.

6)If you feel the need, carry a water source with you, particularly if you are running for over 5 miles (about 8 kilometers). Remember that 2% dehydration leads to a 10% drop in performance.

7)Results are at least partially based on genetics, some people will have to train harder to get the same results.

8)To improve your stamina, compete in other sports. Soccer, football and rugby are all good choices.

9)You can also strap weights to your legs (about 3 lbs is a good weight to start with) then gradually increase the weight at a comfortable pace. Be careful, however, as this can lead to more injuries if not done correctly.

10)Stay on your toes before running. Try hopping on your toes before the gun fires or a race begins. This will cause your muscles to work to your advantage and increase reaction time. It's just as important as running itself.

11)When running, fully pump your arms and move your legs. Do not worry about making your foot hitting the ground in the absolutely right way; It will distract you. Instead, focus on going faster and pump your arms. The faster you pump your arms, the faster you will run.

12)Stretch your legs out, but not too much, when running. Learn how to run fast while stretching your legs. Do this by concentrating on putting your foot out as far as you can, as fast as you can. Rabbits can run 40 miles per hour because of how fast they are and how much they stretch their legs out.

13)Synthesize your speed with your length of pace. You might actually outrun your opponent without losing as much energy. This is best used when you focus on acceleration, and then stretch the legs when at full speed. It is like a "Next gear" effect.

14)Lean forward when running. A photo finish could mean the difference. It is vital to lean forward when nearing the end.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pacesetters Putrajaya Breakfast Run

Raymond action in Putrajaya Breakfast Run

NACSCOM Charity Jogathon Photos

NACSCOM Charity Jogathon

I suppose to be lone ranger and running in Kuantan Beach now but the organiser postponed the event again to 27th Oct 2007, Saturday??? sure or not?

Not going to Ktn, so got chance to participate in local run again, which i actually preferred to, a bit tired after continuous 3 half M together.. can take a rest for shortest distance. Why not?

Now start headache with local events, too many events for today. NACSCOM, Larian Setia, Larian Kajang, Putrajaya Breakfast run, Watson Charity Walk. In order to save the time because TH have class today, then we decided to register for NACSCOM. Actually, we register for Watson as well ( we might proceed with this event if NACSCOM can finish earlier).

We reach Padang Timur very early, i think 6.35am..not many people there, take an illegal parking at roadside..luckily no summon..tq MPPJ. Instead of we having our warming up session, we have been invited by one of the senior citizen from the organiser to help them to organise the tables and chairs.. no problem lar, we still young mar.. many runners also give their helping hand when the goodies bags lorry chan, suriati etc.. very kam tung that time.. Malaysia boleh..

After completed the work, we have warming out session at the Padang, alamak, that time already 7.10, most likely his event going to delay again. My past experience told me that it will have warming/aerobic and speech session before starting of the event. But now they still busy with the registration. TH, good luck to you liao, definately you are going to late and i dont think we can like "hong pai ah ku" going for the 2nd show liao (i mean Watson Walk).

Wah,it start very late.. i not sure what is the actual time because my watch already set to chronograph mode, it could be 8.15am. I did a very paiser mistake, i forgot to press start on my watch and only aware it at the mid way...sigh....Thank you Ronnie for help me to record the time.

Vary kan chung at the begining,the elite runners standing at front look very serious,look like the 15 medals really difficult to grab this time. I am TH about at the position of 11th or 12th after the starting..after the first turning, i manage to move forward to position no.9 or 10, during the down hill and 2nd turning..i manage to cut another two runners..I just keep my pace closer to the runner at front, i think that is 150-200m apart within us. Continue my pace until reach the junction to the Padang Timur, quite confuse here and got to slow down, not really know the exact direction. I point my hand left or right, but nobody really show me the direction. Luckily that is one policemen point me to the finishing point. At first i am very curios until i saw Ronnie standing at the finishing point.. wah, quickly speedy up and complete the race. I finish race at 19:39 at 7th position . After i registered my name and collected the medal, TH also reach the end point.. Wah..19:52 at 8th placing. our fren. improved again. Luckily i wear my new shoes thank to my leg all ok, otherwise i might loss to him this time.

p/s :

Raymond participate in Putrajaya Breakfast 5Km today, good news is that he knee ok after the run.

Next Event : Larian Merdeka, Taman Tasik Permaisuri

NACSCOM Charity Jogathon Result

Date : 19th August 2007
Distance : 5Km
Venue : Padang Timur, PJ


Men Category E (18-49 years old)

1) Tan Kean Peng : 19:39 (7th)
2) Lee Tiong Hoo : 19:52 (8th)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

More sponsors for run

Source from The STAR

MORE sponsors have come forward to show their support for the Merdeka Subang 10km Run to be held at the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) Sports Complex on Aug 26.

The sponsors have offered to contribute in cash and kind. Nestle breakfast cereal will be conducting product sampling for participants just like last year.

Brand assistant Wan Aznida Wan Azhar said a sampling van would be parked at the venue where runners can sample healthy cups of two cereal varieties – the Fitnesse & Fruit and original Fitnesse Whole Wheat Low Fat.

Malaya Optical is giving away RM150 worth of vouchers for each participant. The vouchers can be used to redeem the optical eyewear from its five outlets.

Malaya Optical director Ryan Ho said the run commemorates the 50th year of Merdeka.

“Participants can choose from a big range of brand names and designs, from our outlets at Uptown Damansara Utama, SS15 Subang Jaya, Jalan Tun HS Lee Kuala Lumpur, PJ State, and Low Yat Plaza,” said Ho.

Herbal drink Wong Lo Kat will be given away to take the heat off runners on that day.

Its general manager Ricky Tan said the drink originated from China and contained natural ingredients and was launched in Malaysia last October.

“Participants will find the canned drink inside their goodie bag. It is a halal drink and we are licensed to produce it for both the local and export markets,” said Tan.

California Fitness is giving away six months of free memberships to the winners from each category aged 18 and above.

“We’ll also be giving away free seven-day passes to all participants,” said marketing manager Alicia Kok.

GBA Corporation is having two of its brands Nature Valley and Fishermen’s Friend for this year’s run.

Product executive Vivienne Chan said Nature Valley catered to people on the go and those who lead an active lifestyle.

“It’s a healthy snackbar with no cholesterol and low in fat,” said Chan.

Marketing assistant Anushia Shanmugaraj said Fishermen’s Friend had been supportive of the run for the past few years and this time, they are sponsoring some 10,000 packets of the lozenges.

Permanis Sandilands is giving out 10,000 cans of Sting energy drink that will be placed inside the participants’ goodie bags.

“It’s a energy booster for one to stay alert, which marathon runners would need. It’s about a year old in the market and it’s being introduced at this run for the first time,” said brand manager Santharuban.

Biocare said its support for the run came in the form of its bottled beverage that was a natural and organic, imported from Italy.

“We are sponsoring about 1,200 full-size bottles to be placed in the goody bags,” said its chief executive officer Kelvin G. Simon.

Frontier Food Marketing is making its second time appearance at the run through its brand Coco this year and Gardenia will give out vouchers on that day to participants to redeem breakfast products from its Twiggies Wagon.

The sponsors handed their sponsorship pledges to MPSJ councillor Lee You Hin.

The Merdeka SJ 10km Run is organised by The Star, MPSJ, and Selangor Amateur Athletics Association (SAAA).

The Run has 12 categories – 10km men’s and women’s open (18 years and above), 7km men’s junior veteran (40 years to below 50 years) and men’s senior veteran (50 years and above), women’s veteran (35 years and above), boys’ and girls’ (13 years to below 18 years), men’s and women’s special (wheelchair participants only), 5km men’s and women’s special (non-wheelchair participants only) and a 3km Fun Run (adults and children).

Entry fee is RM10 for each participant (including Fun Run) and RM5 for school children.

Meanwhile, it is free for participants in the men’s and women’s special category as well as children below six years for the Fun Run category.

Entry forms are available at the MPSJ in Subang Jaya and The Star in Petaling Jaya; they can also be downloaded from the websites and

Friday, August 17, 2007

Kuantan Beach Run - Postponed Again

Pemakluman Kepada Semua Yang Terlibat Dengan Larian Pantai,
Larian Pantai Akan Ditunda Pada 27 Oktober 2007.
Sebarang Masalah Dan Kesulitan Amatlah Dikesali

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Larian Merdeka Seri Setia

Date : 19 Aug 2007
Time : 7.00am
Distance : 7KM, 5KM & 2KM
Venue : Padang SS5C, Kelana Jaya

Merdeka run to raise funds

source from The STAR

COMMUNITY service is tops on the list of the upcoming Kajang Merdeka Run. 
The fun run on Aug 19 is aimed at raising funds to buy an ambulance for St John's Ambulance Malaysia to serve the Hulu Langat District. A fully equipped ambulance costs RM165,000. 

The Rotary Club of Kajang is working with the Kajang Municipal Council, St John's Ambulance and the Selangor Amateur Athletics Association on the project. 
Council president Datuk Hasan Nawawi Abd Rahman will flag off the run at 7.30am at the Kajang Stadium. Runners will follow routes mapped out through the town area, Sungai Jelok, Kajang Perdana, Saujana Prima, Saujana Impian and Sungai Kantan. 

"We have categories for Youth (13 to 18 years; 7km run), Adult (18 to 45 for women and 18 to 50 for men; 10km run) and Veteran (above 45 for women and above 50 for men; 10km run). 

"Also included is a category for the best display of patriotism so runners are encouraged to come creatively dressed with headgear, scarves or sports attire reflecting the Merdeka spirit," organising chairman K. N. Sadashivan told a recent press conference. 

He said the Rotary Club of Kajang hoped to raise RM200,000 from the run. The sum leftover from the ambulance purchase will be used for other community service projects like buying water filters for schools in the district.  

Club president Rajasegaran Thevaraj also encouraged Kajang folk to participate in the inaugural run in the spirit of Merdeka. 

Cash prizes totalling RM14,760 are being offered.  

Registration is from 1pm to 9pm at Lower Ground Floor of Plaza Metro Kajang

Watsons Charity Walk

Date : 19 August 2007
Time : 7.30am
Distance : 3KM
Venue : Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Tapak B

Monday, August 13, 2007

Kuantan Beach Run

Pemakluman Kepada Semua Yang Terlibat Dengan Larian Pantai,
Larian Pantai Akan Ditunda Pada 21 Oktober 2007.
Sebarang Masalah Dan Kesulitan Amatlah Dikesali.

Sample medal for 3rd Pacemakers Anniversay Run 2007

on behalf of PM1

Aboved picture is der sample medal for der 3rd Pacemakers Anniversary Run. From der moment when I look at it, hold it n feel it. I feel so touch wit myself, [insert tear drop heavily from my eye here] cause I have der previlage to design my very own medal for this anniversary run. Der medal size come wit 3 inch diameter & 3mm thick. Bigger size than our PBM medal & our medal color will be in silver, not der gold (sample only). Der medal will be ready by end of august, are u feeling in der heat now? 6 more week to go nia!! [insert very kan zheong liao].

brought 2u by pm1

Sunday, August 12, 2007

PJ Half Photos

PJ Half 2007

Date : 12/8/2007
Time : 6:30am

My 3rd attempt for the half marathon run.

There will be only 2 members participate in the half marathon this year, TH and myself. SC did not start for his 10Km sue to muscle injury while Raymond still trouble with knee injuries.

We reach the stadium quite early, 5:50am, as usual, warming up session first, meet saiful there and have short chat. After collect the knee guard from Raymond,i feel more confident for the race.

The race start on time, i have pace with TH for the first 5km, this time our performance is better compare to KOTR, our target is to finished below 1:55.. After 6km, i just continue my own journey while TH just about 100m behind me..My stamina still ok and did not feel any bad signal from my knee. No distance marker for this provide in this event, i have no choice while just try to keep the same pace.

After the u turn at Sbg Airport, i think TH is abt 200m behind me, not bad... seem like sub 2hrs is not much problem already, i feel a bit tired after the ascending slope, few runners overcut me that time, doesn't matter.. i will only try to pia at the last km. Come to the left turn towards Stadium, my timing is 1:47, i am quite confident can make it below 1:53 now, constant pace again. I will kill the jinx now... enter the stadium... last 100m, seem like a lot of runners follow behind, i decide to pia to the finishing point, I make it 1:51; the position of 76th.This 100m pia really make me breathless and i think my condition also make Raymond quite worry.. TQ for the water, i really help a lot.

After a while, TH is pia towards the finishing point, wah, good lar.. new PR he is going to achieve, 1:53:33 (94). managed to shed 6mins. well done.

Next Race : Kuantan Beach Run

PJ Half 2007


21KM Men Open

1) Tan Kean Peng - 1:51:29 (76th)
2) Lee Tiong Hoo - 1:53:33 (94th)

10KM Men Open

1) Chua Sang Cheng - DNS

Saturday, August 11, 2007

PJ Half - 3rd attempt

1st attempt - Year 2005 - 2:16 - my 1st half-marathon run, missed the certificate.

2nd attempt - Year 2006 - 2:17 - running with flu and cough... missed the certificate again.

3rd attempt - Year 2007 - knee injury still not recover. Can i break the jinx??? I do not want to have the third dissapointment.. I must do it.

欢呼声时常冲击我 教我踏步不畏惧
纵有困难 亦要拼命追

Friday, August 10, 2007

Larian Merdeka

1.5KM Fun Walk

Participants :

1) SC Chua
2) KK Ong
3) Joey
4) TH Lee
5) CY Chua
6) PL Phuah
7) KP Tan

Klang Pacer 12K Finisher Medal

Monday, August 6, 2007