Sunday, June 24, 2007

PBIM - Race Report

23/6/2007 (Saturday)

3.40pm, departed from UTM, straight away proceed to NS Highway, reached Tapah at 5.10pm for KFC, very hungry liao.... met ah cheng there and our fren also did some funny actioned, hehe... 5:45pm continue again toward North. Reached Penang Bridge at 7.30pm... sms and called Boon (haiya, wrong no recorded, cant get him,haih, very dissapointed). Get loss when going to Krystal Suites.... By the way, reach hotel already 9pm.. quickly took dinner, then rest.... somemor got 2 versions of starting time for marathon, quickly sms fren and confirmed the time..
Problem to rest early...cham. I think 11pm... oni managed to sleep

24/6/2007 (Sunday)
12am, wait up once..
1am, disturbed by Ah Du song (alarm alert) then wake up... quickly grab power bar and endurance drink... must be express since 6 of us but only have 1 bathroom... then continued with all of them take turn..
Leave the hotel at 1.50am, siao liao road closed, we pusing2 at roadabt, cant find the way to USM.. decide to take the other route...aiya, bcos of traffic light....miss out Uncle Ong car... some mor take the wrong junction go in Holland oredi.... Checked with the pedastrains.. "salah direction, encik...pusing balik", war very kan chung liao... it is oredi 2.20am... pusing2 then reached main entrance of USM, kena halau lagi... dekat Tesco, my fren.... xiao liao.. now already big and smalll peluh all sweat out liao.....keep speeding liao.... tell myself to calm down... otherwise this trip will be wasted and no meaning liao... Ok... refer to the raodsign, wa lau ler... ang kong popi...get to find uncle car parked at the road side... dont care lar, even that is roadside... just park first ( i think 1-1.5 km away from starting place)..2.38am. Locked the car, then run... on the way.. the Rela guy told us, 2 minutes left... must be quick... by the time reached the reporting place.... 2:50am.... luckily bolih masuk. all need warm up lar. Ah Hoo struggle with stomach pain/gas.... siao liao.
2.55am.... all the kambing keluar kandang....cant find Raymond, meet Eng sisters(3:48 and 3:49, salute), chat for a while before start, the race starting at 3am... our fren not ok lagi....anytime oso can muntah 1.
Have relax run starting, i think 5.8min/km...until reach the bridge... Pacing with Hoo till 10km, 56.04min... ok mar... for 42km...then i continued with lone running, the weather is quite humid, not wind... a bit hot lar...somemor the way to 20km (1hr57min)... very smelly lar... me oso want to vomit liao... Continued the journey to 30km (3hr03min)... a bit tired and boring liao, after running the long stretch of road and u-turn.. meet ah Hoo, ah cheng and uncle while i take the other direction... as well as Kelvin Ng..
Stamina keep deteriortating after 32.5Km, a bit struggle, some more no runner to pace.... but just told myself, cannot walk or stop, otherwise my target 4hr30min will be gone like wind liao....push harder and hardest... continued....Wah, then struggle up to 40km(4:13km), feel the knee slightly pain ( old method applied, talked to my dearest fren (leg), pls be cooperate, 2 more km left.. dont b naughty). very panic now, 17mins to beat 2.5km, somemor caught in traffic jam (donno from fun run or 10Km runners), 4 to 5 another marathoners also find difficulties to get pass the crowded... i told myself if continued like that, sure no chance to meet my target. I told the ah mor lady ( she also frustrated and start with walking liao), dont give out, we ask them to give way... suddenly, i oso donno where is the magic power came from... i just keep shouting and speeding + keep pushing the runners (pai ser) (really magic, until now, i oso not believe), Thank god, 4:25;55.. beat my target, new PR and oso first time can compete the whole full M without stop. even my leg shaking, worth it. Meet CW, knee pain and stop after 10KM.
Ah Hoo reached at 4hr50min ( his new PR also), glad that he put in all the effort, fighting all the spirit and not giving out (stomach pain and leg injured and bleeding). he shoes also got blood stain.
Ah Cheng, 5hr36min, first time running in full M and also believed that training is necessary before race. Not too bad, the result is better than my first M. The most important things is completed and enjoyed the race. True winner.
Raymond, 6:00.34, our fren struggling with knee pain. True winner. KP & gang new team member.

12:00noon, check out and continue with our journey.

Next race : Ipoh Run


Anonymous said...

Not bad lah.....
You all have try your best...

COngrat to abg tan n hoo....

wat a new PR.... haha

Tey said...


U time is same as my previous best in PBIM...well done !!

Thanks for your help,dam lucky lah !!

siti said...

Congrat's to Abg Tan and Lee...

U all besh ;)

KP said...

TQVM, Calvin, Tey and Siti

Tey said...


Pls email me Raymond's email ,tks..will email him the original size foto,tks !

My email: