Saturday, June 30, 2007

Metropolitan Long Distance Training - Session 2

Date : 15th July 2007 (Sunday)
Time : 5.30pm
Venue : Taman Metropolitan, Kepong
Distance : 3.65km/lap

Gang & friends,

Our second training session is coming.

It purposely arrange for those who are interested in distance running.

You can run as many laps as you can and treat it for your KOTR, MPPJ or whatever race preparation.

Kindly confirm your attendance with me ( ) or Cik Siti before 10th July 2007.

Friday, June 29, 2007

SJ 10K

For those who are unable to participate on 26th August 2007.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Date : 21st July 2007
Time : 7.30am
Venue : UPNM, Kem Sg. Besi
Distance : 12KM, 7KM

KUL 10K - Finishes Medal

Kota Kemuning Shoe String Run

Date : 15th July 2007
Time : 7am
Venue : Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Kemuning 2
Distance : 7KM, 3KM

Sunday, June 24, 2007

PBIM - Race Report

23/6/2007 (Saturday)

3.40pm, departed from UTM, straight away proceed to NS Highway, reached Tapah at 5.10pm for KFC, very hungry liao.... met ah cheng there and our fren also did some funny actioned, hehe... 5:45pm continue again toward North. Reached Penang Bridge at 7.30pm... sms and called Boon (haiya, wrong no recorded, cant get him,haih, very dissapointed). Get loss when going to Krystal Suites.... By the way, reach hotel already 9pm.. quickly took dinner, then rest.... somemor got 2 versions of starting time for marathon, quickly sms fren and confirmed the time..
Problem to rest early...cham. I think 11pm... oni managed to sleep

24/6/2007 (Sunday)
12am, wait up once..
1am, disturbed by Ah Du song (alarm alert) then wake up... quickly grab power bar and endurance drink... must be express since 6 of us but only have 1 bathroom... then continued with all of them take turn..
Leave the hotel at 1.50am, siao liao road closed, we pusing2 at roadabt, cant find the way to USM.. decide to take the other route...aiya, bcos of traffic light....miss out Uncle Ong car... some mor take the wrong junction go in Holland oredi.... Checked with the pedastrains.. "salah direction, encik...pusing balik", war very kan chung liao... it is oredi 2.20am... pusing2 then reached main entrance of USM, kena halau lagi... dekat Tesco, my fren.... xiao liao.. now already big and smalll peluh all sweat out liao.....keep speeding liao.... tell myself to calm down... otherwise this trip will be wasted and no meaning liao... Ok... refer to the raodsign, wa lau ler... ang kong popi...get to find uncle car parked at the road side... dont care lar, even that is roadside... just park first ( i think 1-1.5 km away from starting place)..2.38am. Locked the car, then run... on the way.. the Rela guy told us, 2 minutes left... must be quick... by the time reached the reporting place.... 2:50am.... luckily bolih masuk. all need warm up lar. Ah Hoo struggle with stomach pain/gas.... siao liao.
2.55am.... all the kambing keluar kandang....cant find Raymond, meet Eng sisters(3:48 and 3:49, salute), chat for a while before start, the race starting at 3am... our fren not ok lagi....anytime oso can muntah 1.
Have relax run starting, i think 5.8min/km...until reach the bridge... Pacing with Hoo till 10km, 56.04min... ok mar... for 42km...then i continued with lone running, the weather is quite humid, not wind... a bit hot lar...somemor the way to 20km (1hr57min)... very smelly lar... me oso want to vomit liao... Continued the journey to 30km (3hr03min)... a bit tired and boring liao, after running the long stretch of road and u-turn.. meet ah Hoo, ah cheng and uncle while i take the other direction... as well as Kelvin Ng..
Stamina keep deteriortating after 32.5Km, a bit struggle, some more no runner to pace.... but just told myself, cannot walk or stop, otherwise my target 4hr30min will be gone like wind liao....push harder and hardest... continued....Wah, then struggle up to 40km(4:13km), feel the knee slightly pain ( old method applied, talked to my dearest fren (leg), pls be cooperate, 2 more km left.. dont b naughty). very panic now, 17mins to beat 2.5km, somemor caught in traffic jam (donno from fun run or 10Km runners), 4 to 5 another marathoners also find difficulties to get pass the crowded... i told myself if continued like that, sure no chance to meet my target. I told the ah mor lady ( she also frustrated and start with walking liao), dont give out, we ask them to give way... suddenly, i oso donno where is the magic power came from... i just keep shouting and speeding + keep pushing the runners (pai ser) (really magic, until now, i oso not believe), Thank god, 4:25;55.. beat my target, new PR and oso first time can compete the whole full M without stop. even my leg shaking, worth it. Meet CW, knee pain and stop after 10KM.
Ah Hoo reached at 4hr50min ( his new PR also), glad that he put in all the effort, fighting all the spirit and not giving out (stomach pain and leg injured and bleeding). he shoes also got blood stain.
Ah Cheng, 5hr36min, first time running in full M and also believed that training is necessary before race. Not too bad, the result is better than my first M. The most important things is completed and enjoyed the race. True winner.
Raymond, 6:00.34, our fren struggling with knee pain. True winner. KP & gang new team member.

12:00noon, check out and continue with our journey.

Next race : Ipoh Run

PBIM Result

Date : 24th June 2007
Time : 3:00am
Venue: Sekolah Gelugor
Distance : 42KM
Weather : Humid

Tan Kean Peng : 4:25:55 (56:04/1:57/3:03/4:25:55)
Lee Tiong Hoo : 4:50:44 (56:04/2:00/3:18/4:50:44)
Chua Sang Cheng : 5:36:58
Raymond Lim : 6:00:34 (Knee Injured)

Ng Chuan Wen : DNS

Thursday, June 21, 2007

How to Cure Ankle Injuries

There's no fastest way to cure ankle injuries. It needs time to heal.

But if insist to go on to compete (not recommend to), try to take some painkiller or steroid type painkiller (more efficient) to reduce the pain. Try to ice the pain area….but not for too long (frostbite). Do it on and off….as often as possible to reduce the inflammation.

And finally, when going to compete, rub some menthol based cream (eg.: counterpain…etc) and wrap the ankle as tight as possible to subdue the pain as much as it can when running.

The final advice is not to compete… prevent further injuries.

The Melaka Historic City International Run 2007

Date : 29th July 2007
Time : 6.45am
Venue : Stadium Tun Fatimah Taman Bandaraya, Bukit Serindit, Melaka
Distance : 21.1KM, 10KM and 5KM

Nice Quotes

Bridge Marathon set for record

Source from The STAR

THE Penang Bridge Marathon is set to gain entry into the Malaysia Book of Records for having the most entries in a marathon.
A total of 20,384 people have signed up for the event on Sunday, and the figure is expected to almost hit 21,000 with last-minute participation of foreign runners. Last year’s marathon attracted almost 10,000 participants.
State Tourism Development and Environment Committee chairman Teng Chang Yeow said the participants this year hailed from 50 countries, including Singapore, Thailand, India, Britain, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Germany, Kenya, Australia, China, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Ghana, Canada, Brazil and the United States.
He said 19,773 participants were local residents while 611 were from other countries.
About 38% or 7,588 of the participants were women, he added.
Teng said the event was divided into four categories – 42.195km full marathon, 22.3km half marathon, 10km quarter marathon and a10km fun run.
The half marathon attracted the most participants (8,290 runners), followed by the fun run with 8,240 runners.
“Participants are required to collect their numbers and T-shirts at Queensbay Mall from 10am to 9pm on June 22 and from 10am to 6pm on June 23,” Teng told a press conference at Komtar in Penang on Monday.
He said the Penang Bridge would be closed for the event from 2am to 10am on Sunday, and that the ferry service would operate round the clock on that day.
He said the full marathon would be flagged off in front of Universiti Sains Malaysia at 3am, followed by the half marathon at 4.30am from the same venue. The quarter marathon and fun run would be flagged off from Rescam at 5.30am.
Teng said there would also be a 3km charity run at 8.30am in which Yang di-Pertua Negri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas, Chief Minster Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, state exco members and other VIPs would participate.
Marathon’s organising committee vice-chairman Idrus Mat Tais said RM150,000 had been raised from the charity run.
Idrus said entry for the marathon was still open to overseas runners, and he expected 300 to 400 more foreigners to sign up on Friday and Saturday.
Teng later received some sponsorship for the marathon, including 5,000 T-shirts for participants, from Yeo Hiap Seng (Trading) Sdn Bhd and 15 air tickets as lucky draw prizes from Firefly.
The tickets are for return flights from Penang to Phuket, Koh Samui, Langkawi, Kuantan, Terengganu and Kota Baru.
The marathon, jointly organised by the Malaysian Highway Authority and Penang Municipal Council, is listed as one of the 50 special events for Visit Malaysia Year 2007.
Its media sponsors are The Star, Nanyang Siang Pau and Tamil Nesan.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

From Couch Potato to World Class Runner -- story of a late Bloomer

source from

20th Seremban Half Marathon 2007

Date : 15th July 2007 (Sunday)

Time : 6.45am

Venue : N.S.Padang, Seremban

Distance : 21.1KM, 11KM, 9KM & 3KM

Closing Date : 7th July 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

10,000 expected to run in NPE Adidas King of the Road 2007

source from The STAR

DETERMINATION and will power push her to continue running every day.
Devamani Sothie has been running for 20 years but she has no intention of retiring.
“My only aim is to be the champion in every run,” said the former bank employee who has bagged at least 10 medals this year in local and international runs.
The 38-year-old athlete said, “I train harder and harder each day. I know there is always someone younger and stronger chasing from behind, so I have to run fast.”
Another runner, Sharul Ambri Mohd Noor, shares Devamani’s strong will to win.
“It is the thrill and joy of winning that spur me to go forward,” said the 33-year-old personal driver.
The two are among an expected 10,000 runners who will participate in the coming NPE Adidas King of the Road 2007, which Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk Donald Lim launched at Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort recently.
Jointly organised by Adidas, Majlis Sukan Sekolah-Sekolah Malaysia (MSSM) and New Pantai Expressway (NPE), the run will flag off at Sunway Pyramid on Aug 5.
A 21km half-marathon is being included this year to attract the participation of local runners, in addition to the usual 10km, 7km and 5km runs.
This will be the first time in Malaysian history that a run is held along an elevated highway.
To accommodate the run, the highway will be closed temporarily from 5am to 10am on the morning.
There are 14 categories in all and each participant will receive an exclusive NPE adidas King of the Road 2007 limited edition running vest, certificate of participation and a 30% discount voucher for adidas products.
The champions in the Men’s and Women’s Open categories will receive RM3,000 each and the top three finishers in each category will also receive adidas sunglasses.
Registration is currently open at adidas KL Sentral and Bukit Damansara. The fee ranges from RM5 to RM30, depending on the category.
The last day for registration is July 21.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Metropolitan Long Distance Training 1- Result

Date : 17th June 2007
Time : 4.30pm
Venue : Taman Metropolitan, Kepong
Distance : 3.65km/lap

6 Laps - 21.9km
2'00:00 - Tan Kean Peng (20:57/ 18:53/ 19:17/ 20:36/ 20:39 / 19:38)

5 Laps - 18.25km
1'45:52 - Lee Tiong Hoo (17:24/19:48/22:39/23:37/22:24)

4 Laps - 14.60km
1'30:11 - Chua Sang Cheng (20:20/25:17/21:29/23:05)
1:39:10 - Ong Eng Chung (21:58/24:37/25:39/26:56)

3 Laps - 10.95km
1'25:46 - Chua Chin Yeong (22:41/33:23/29:42)

2 Laps - 7.3km
59:10 - Phuah Phuay Leong (24:28/34:32)

Raymond Lim

Metropolitan Long Distance Training 1

Our first long distance training can consider went smoothly and successfully done, thank you to all the runners who participated. For those who ffk first time, we also forgive him lar ( he also guarantee dat will turn out next time...hehehe)... since d Tuhan really give us face... no rain.. wa lau, let me worry for whole day after surfed all d website... haiya, the weather report cinya make me worry... somemore the sky so cloudy d whole day.
Furthermore, during my lunch, the langit oso keep crying..luckily my aunt asked me to sembahyang kau kau... at d end it really work lar.
The run has been bring earlier an hour to 4.30pm, with u all support and punctuality(this time ah cheng really make it, not talk oni), all d things can set up on time and the run also starting at 4.30pm. Everyone also put their effort and their best to finish as many laps as possible even though it is quite windy and hot, the obstruction by the speeding motorcycles and the rubber mat also occupied by quite a lot of persons. One thing i would like to add here is put more effort in stretching and warming up/down to reduce your pain after run. Those who facing pain or uneasy after run, you can use ice pad/ice to slowly rub the effected area.
For those who just participated in running, just enjoy your training and dont over stressed it, otherwise you might end up with retirement.
And not forgotten, all the volunteers, Calvin, WR and Aunty, kamsia kamsia. Without you all, we might end up with dehydration and no time keeper, no lengchai lenglui photos etc..
Look forward for next training session (tentatively 15th July) will get more runners to participate in.

Long Distance Training

Weather Outlook for Kuala Lumpur

ThunderstormsAfternoon and Night

source from :

Weather for Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Add to my Google homepage
24°CMostly CloudyWind: N at 3 km/hHumidity: 94%
Sun29°C 24°C
google weather forecast

Today: Mixed clouds and sun with scattered thunderstorms. High 89F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%. - yahoo weather forecast

Let see the miracle....impossible is nothing, nothing is impossible.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

PJ Half Marathon

Date : 12/8/2007

Time : 6.30am

Venue : Stadium PJ

Distance : 21KM, 10KM, 5KM & 3KM

Closing Date : 27 July 2007


Certificates will be awarded to the 21KM participants as follows:

1) Certificate of Distinction < 1hr45m
2) Certificate of Merit < 2hrs
3) Certificate of Completion <2hr15m

Friday, June 15, 2007

Metropolitan Long Distance Training 1

Date : 17/6/07 (Sunday)
Time : 5.30pm
Venue : Taman Metropolitan, Kepong
Distance : 3.65KM/lap

Name of Runners:

1) Lee Tiong Hoo
2) Chua Sang Cheng
3) Phuah Phuay Leong
4) Chua Chin Yeong
5) Uncle Ong Eng Chong
6) Raymond Lim
7) Tan Kean Peng

Volunteers :
1) Wan Ru
2) Sim Eng Guan

Larian Utusan

Date : 29/7/2007
Time : 7.30am
Venue : Dataran Merdeka
Distance : 10KM

Resit already available at FTAAA, but registration form still not ready.

Pacemakers training hard for the run

In the pack: Pacemakers working out at the KLCC Park

ALTHOUGH the air was crisp after a brief downpour in the afternoon, rain threatened to disrupt the routine evening workout again for the Pacemakers running group at the KLCC Park recently.
As the weather cleared, the runners who work around Kuala Lumpur’s central business district, got together after working hours for their regular training session around the 1.3km circuit.
Usually, they will go through the paces completing between eight and 13 laps at the park.
“No matter rain or shine, we will be running here on most weekdays. Our aim is to complete our workout. We will only stop when there is lightning,” said Ronnie See, the leader of group formed three years ago.
The running group comprising Pacesetters Athletics Club Malaysia (PACM) members are gearing up for the upcoming Subang Jaya 10km Run to be held in conjunction with the nation’s 50th Merdeka celebration at the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) Sports Complex in USJ5 on Aug 26.
In addition, several of them signed up early. As a testament to their eagerness, five of them have been assigned the running tags between 006 and 010 for the run.
“We are a bit kiasu (afraid of losing). That is the reason we registered early. Our running buddy (Lai Fong Sang) took the effort to submit the forms for us. I will be running with the 007 running tag. Frankly, the run is one of our favourite road races because it offers attractive finishers’ medals,” See said.
The group of 50 active members also set up the as a forum for their members to share information related to running on the Internet.
“I train with the group at KLCC occasionally. I prefer to run at the Bukit Jalil Park because of the undulating terrain. In addition, it is nearer to my home. But the website has provided an active chat-room for us to communicate with each other,” said Kevin Chow, 36.
Initially, the Subang Jaya 10km Run was scheduled for July 1, which coincides with the Ipoh Half Marathon.
“Since the run has been postponed, several of us have decided to take part in Ipoh. We are hoping that more of our members who opted to skip the Subang Jaya 10km Run to complete in the 21km distance in Ipoh will also be joining us for the annual community-based run in Subang Jaya,” See said.
Over the years, the Subang Jaya 10km Run has been the preferred race for those who want to improve on their 10km timing because of the flat route.
Tutor Saiful Azri, 25, is among those from the group aiming to reduce his time over the distance.
“This is my third time taking part in the event. I am hoping to reduce my personal best by two minutes,” said Saiful, who holds a personal best of 44 minutes in 10km.
The run has 12 categories – 10km men’s and women’s open (18 years and above), 7km men’s junior veteran (40 years to below 50 years) and men’s senior veteran (50 years and above), women’s veteran (35 years and above), boys’ and girls’ (13 years to below 18 years), men’s and women’s special (wheelchair participants only), 5km men’s and women’s special (non-wheelchair participants only) and a 3km Fun Run (adults and children).
Entry fee is RM10 for each participant (including Fun Run) while it is RM5 for school children.
It is free for participants in the men’s and women’s special category as well as children below six years for the Fun Run category.
Entry closes on Aug 13.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Metropolitan Long Distance Training

Date : 17th June 2007 (Sunday)
Time : 5.30pm
Venue : Taman Metropolitan, Kepong
Distance : 3.65km/lap


This training session is purposely arrange for those who are interested in distance running.

You can run as many laps as you can and treat it for your PBIM, KOTR or whatever race preparation.

Kindly confirm your attendance with me or Cik Siti no later than 15th June 2007.

Note: Water and fruits will be provided.

Kedah 50KM Ultra Marathon

Date : 7th September 2007
Time : 3:00am
Venue : Rekreasi Gunung Keriang, Kedah
Distance : 50KM
Time Limit : 7hours

SJ10K - Postponed to 26/8/2007

source from The STAR

THE organisers of the Subang Jaya 10km Run have decided to inject a patriotic touch to this season’s event.
As a result, the sixth edition of the run, initially scheduled at the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) Sports Complex in USJ5 on July 1, has been postponed to August 26.
According to organising chairman Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, the community-based run has been adopted as a Selangor state event in conjunction with the nation’s 50th Merdeka celebrations.
More than 3,500 participants took part in the event last year.
“Over the years, this has been an annual family orientated programme dedicated to the community living near the Subang Jaya neighbourhood. But, other communities from all over Selangor will also be joining us this year. We are expecting to attract about 5,000 participants,” said Lee.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Countdown - 10days

My target

Fellowship Run

Organiser - Pacemakers Network

Date : 9/6/07
Time : 7.15am
Distance : 3.65Km/lap
Weather : Fine
This is the first training/running session with Pacemakers group, it is specially organise for PBIM training. This is really a good opportunity for us for long distance training.
Personally, i feel a bit guilty aso , coz TH got exam that pm while Raymond got to work that day. gua ler... holiday at PD...luckily everything smoothly going.
Three of us actually quite excited and under pressure, coz TH problem with his ankle while myself got heel pain......don't care, keep applying whatever cream, ice pack, tiger oil... just to ease the pain. While Raymond, knee ?? Our slogan is, when d shoes lace been tighten, go ahead and just do it. died later. hehe
We wake up at 5.15am on that day ( quite confident the location after the surveyed on 3/6), rang up Raymond to meet up at JKR office at 6am... pai ser, i late for 5mins. By the time we reach the park, it is only 6.35am, chit chat for a while and start warming up.
The run starting at 7.20am after photos taken and enjoyed with Kelvin jokes. As usual, the fastest take the lead, while we slow runners at the back, i run together with TH and Raymond just at d back.... the route combined of ascending and descending slope, it will be good to test the result from our slope training, furthermore the rubber mat floor will be perfect to ease my heel problem ( i guess could b my adidas shoes cushioning got problem liao). The president advice us those who not sure with the route pls follow Ronnie ( haha, he forgot that our ability with PM1 a big gap mar, by the time we reach the d biggest down slope, cant see him oredi, someone is turning to the right, luckily the Hau pointing us to the right direction, otherwise holland liao). Five of us still at the close position, Hau, myself, TH, Lai and Tan, while Raymond away from us liao( taiko, stomach pain again ar?), then Lai speeding ahead while four of us still continuing. Hau still take the lead while three of us follow behind. I am TH finish the first lap at 19:10, we just continue smoothly for the second lap.. then talked to TH, i plan to run for the six lap and try to maintain at ard 19min/lap (haiya, dah failed lar, especially quite disappointed at 5th lap). Dont want to stress too much coz next week will have long distance training. TH decide to finish at 3laps and continue with his studies. I advice him to go all out to check his best 10Km time. Not bad ma, 57:14 some improvement.
I be the lone ranger already when come to the fourth lap, searching for Raymond along the way but even also cant find any runner. My training really workout especially on the slope, when come to the fifth lap, it is a bit hot oredi, especially after the long descending slope, nothing to shade. It make me a bit thirsty and affect my timing as well.. when DK read out my timing at 20min++ for the fifth lap, kns, so bad ar... cannot liao, quickly grab a cup of water.... then proceed with the last lap.... speeding a bit after the long slope...our honour camera specialist laughing at me when c me suffering at the long slope.. haha, cannot fall down ma. dowan to show "dog eat shit" style.
Before the end of the six lap, Raymond and Afad just running in front of me at d last 50meter, haha, kns, after six lap only see u, nvm lar, as long as ur knee no problem. Haiya, finished at 1:56, compared to PR 1:53 at PD, 3 mins late oredi... 11mins to trim down to meet KOTR time which at 1:45. Raymond proceed with his sixth lap and complete at overall 2:25:13.
Overall, we really enjoy this running session, enough food, drinks and all the preparation, well done. really thank you to Pacemakers and all the volunteers who had contributed and make the run successfully. Like my fren said, he only have one word to comment "shiok".

Looking ahead for the second fellowship run..

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ipoh International Run

Date : 1st July 2007
Venue : Dataran Ipoh, Greentown, Ipoh
Time : 6.30am
Distance : 21KM

Online Registered List :

Men Open - 21KM

1) KP Tan
2) TH Lee
3) SC Chua
4) CW Ng
5) Raymond Lim

A record of 17,000 entries for Penang Marathon

Source from The Star

The 2007 Penang Bridge Marathon 2007 has set a new record of attracting more than 17,000 entries from over 25 countries.
The Malaysian High Authority director, Datuk Mohamad Razali Othman, said after a sponsorship ceremony at the Queensbay Mall here last week: “As of the closing date on June 7, we have more than 16,000 entries recorded in our computer. And more than 1,000 applications are being processed.
“We are glad to announce that we have managed to attract so many runners to compete in one of Asia's premier sporting events to be held on June 24.”
The marathon is organised by the MHA and the Penang Municipal Council in conjunction with the 50th Merdeka Day celebration and Visit Malaysia Year 2007.
The Star is the official English newspaper.
Cash prizes totalling RM120,000 and other attractive prizes are up for grabs.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fellowship Long Run

Distance : 3.65Km/lap

Result :

6 Laps
Tan Kean Peng - (19:10 / 19:00 / 18:46 / 19:46 / 20:21 / 19:41) - 1:56:44
Raymond Lim - (21:25 / 21:53 / 22:34 / 24:39 / 26:35 / 28:07) - 2:25:33

3 Laps
Lee Tiong Hoo - (19:10 / 19:00 / 19:04) - 57:14

Kindly visit the album gallery for photos.

Friday, June 8, 2007

現在,就我自己一個人 - KELVIN HOR



明訊獎學金頒獎典禮過後的訪問時間,一眾不知情的記者,循例問起5位獎學金得主的身世背景。在一陣沉默之後,但見何俊華清澈明亮的雙眸直視前方,欠身說道:“我6歲以後就沒見過爸爸。”記者再問:“那你媽媽呢,你此次得獎學金,她一定很高興吧?為甚麼今天沒來?”,此時何俊華微低下了頭,用了只比蚊子飛過的聲音稍大一點的音量說:“媽媽去世了。2004年。癌症。”頓了頓,他重新微笑抬頭:“so, basically I’m alone, now.”



從這裡就學兩年畢業的學生,一般都會考上世界級頂尖大學。2001年,何俊華畢業了,果然以優秀的成績獲英國倫敦帝國學院(Imperial College of London)錄取。這一次,他同樣是獲得全免獎學金。

在倫敦那3年,是很平凡,沒有精彩故事的大學生涯,主因是何俊華將他大部份的時間都用在用功努力求學這件事上。3年中唯一的精彩,大概就是為了掙點生活費而必須打兼職工,所以他跑到英國最名的球隊之一“Chelsea Football Club”切爾西足球俱樂部兼職,酬勞優渥,還可免費觀看足球賽呢!(雖然打羽球和下棋才是他最大的興趣,但是足球賽畢竟也有其吸引力。)

目前在Gamuda公司任職工程師的他,一直想要繼續深造,去修讀複合材料(Composite Material),複合材料是甚麼?就是“由兩種或兩種以上取其各優點所結合而成的,更好的新材料”,對他而言,這種建築材料的開發將會減緩全球暖化現象,為人類帶來福祉。
他很有環保意識!“這是一種極迫切的需要吧!我們有京都議定書,Kyoto Protocol,有赫爾辛基宣言,Helsinki Declaration,全世界都在談環保,而發明一個可以全面取代對環境造成負面負擔的混凝體,可想而知有多么重要。”認定這是一種好的建築材料,而且無機聚合物將成未來的大熱門,所以何俊華認為值得他花一生投身研究。

Profile: 何俊華,1981年生,今年26歲,是名土木工程師。19歲那年赴香港李寶椿聯合世界書院(,同年母親被診斷出患癌。四年後,在他獲獎學金在倫敦帝國學院就學時,母親與世長辭。母親過世,自小父母離異的何俊華頓成孤兒。所幸他天性樂觀豁達,2007年再獲明訊獎學金(,重返英國攻讀碩士學位。他相信,生命中再壞的事,都一定會有其光明面,只要有堅定的決心,就能成就光明的自己。

Adidas King Of The Road

Participants List :

21KM Men Open ( Category A)
1) TH Lee
2) SC Chua
3) PL Phuah
4) CY Chua
5) CW Ng
6) Raymond Lim
7) KP Tan

21KM Men Veteran (Category B)
1) CS Wan

10KM Men Open ( Category F)
1) EG Sim
2) WC Fan

10KM Women Open (Category G)
1) Siti Aishah
2) Christine
3) Farana

7KM Men Junior (Category M)
1) Jason

Thursday, June 7, 2007

MIZUNO Wave Run 2007

Date : 9 Sept 2007

Time : 7.30am
Venue : Padang Merbok
Distance : 10KM

Seremban Half - 15/7/2007

Source from : THE STAR

OVER the years, disabled participants have held a soft spot in the hearts of the Seremban Half Marathon (SHM) organisers.
The organisers of the upcoming 20th edition of the run will be making a strong attempt to attract those with special needs to be part of the occasion at the Padang N.S. Jalan Yam Tuan in Seremban on July 15.
And ExxonMobil has stepped forward again to support the cause with a RM18,000 pledge dedicated to the run’s disabled categories. The organisation has been a major sponsor of the event for the past 13 years.
“Our commitment as a sponsor in the run is a key part of our corporate social responsibility,” Mallon said, adding that two teams of 10 members each will represent the company in the corporate fun run category.
The four categories for the disabled are partially blind, deaf and dumb, mentally handicapped (13 years and below), wheel chair and non-wheel chair.
In the past, the disabled categories drew between 300 and 400 participants.
Naquiyuddin also received the sponsorship from Tint-Shop managing director S.K. Wong at the same ceremony.
Also present were SHM permanent chairman Tan Sri Chan Choong Tak, SHM secretary Loh Kim Heong and SHM sponsorship and promotions chairman Santha Chitty Bowman.
The three categories for the 21km run are women’s open (19 years and above), men’s senior (19 to below 40 years) and men’s veteran (above 40 years).
The 11km run has six categories – women’s senior (19 to below 35 years), women’s veteran (35 to below 45 years), women’s senior veteran (45 years and above), men’s senior (19 to below 40 years), men’s veteran (40 to below 50 years) and men’s senior veteran (50 years and above).
Secondary school students can participate in the boys’ and girls’ junior categories (13 to below 19 years) covering a distance of 9km.
“We are expecting 9,000 participants to take part this year, a record turnout,” said Naquiyuddin.
Besides injecting a carnival atmosphere for the event held in conjunction with Yang-di Pertuan Besar Negri Sembilan’s 85th birthday on July 19, the family run comprising two adults and two children (below 13 years) is incorporated this season.
The organisers of the run are Antah Group, Majlis Perbandaran Seremban, Seremban Hash House Harriers and Negri Sembilan Amateur Athletic Association.
Other partners include The Star as official media and Suria FM as the official radio station.

Adidas - King Of The Road

Date : 5 Aug 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 6.45am
Venue : Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway. PJ
Distance : 21KM

For those are interested, kindly register with Cik Siti as soon as possible as the early bird fees only up to 15/6/07.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


1038 - see you.

After 1038 hrs we will start our 42KM journey from Padang USM.

My gang,how do you do? are you ready? how long will you take? what tactic you going to apply? fully run? run/walk plan? sprinting???? nor matter relax and enjoy the Penang scenery? we will celebrate at Padang USM after few hours.

Think off Jelutong laksa, Penang char keow tiu (that we missed out previous trip), har mee, Gurney drive tou foo fa, rojak, Gee Hian tao sa pein (haha, still got 1 box in my fridge). woor be tong liao... Not to forget taiping town cendol (my favorite).

good luck.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Penang Bridge Marathon


I am not sure you guys observe or not i already installed the countdown timer for Penang Marathon in the blog, it is only 20days left... the time become shorter and shortest... very excited ler...

Glad to know that you guys class on 23/6 can finished abt 3pm, at least we can reached Penang abt 8pm, more time to rest. As you know that the event will starting from 3am and we have to report at abt 2am, the resting time is so crucial to us.

SC and Raymond, first time run in full M, enjoy the race...nor matter how, you can classified you are the winner and be proud when you step on the finishing point.U guy at age of 20yrs old, have nothing to lose anyway.haha

SC & CW, with the heavy workload and study assignments, the time allowed for your training is quite limited, My advice is try to grab whatever opportunity, train as much as possible.

TH, haha, it is the time we do our best to improve our timing, with the so tight training schedule, both of us are quite tired.. try to refrain from any injury...dont forgot our 3 minutes agreement.

Lastly, let us enjoy the run, respect and conquer the distance.

If you think you can, sure you can.

Good Luck.

PAR Run III 2007

Re: Pacemaker Anniversary Run III
Date : 23 September 2007 (war... 2 days before my trip)
Venue: Lake Garden
Time :7.30am
Distance : 4 x 2.3KM team realy.

The name list

1) Tan Kean Peng
2) Lee Tiong Hoo
3) Ng Chuan Wen
4) Chua Sang Cheng

1) Raymond Lim


Let train for it.


The confirmed details

Date : 22/7/2007
Time : 7:00am
Distance : 10KM
Venue: Taman Melawati
Entrance fee : RM30.00

Friday, June 1, 2007

Relay for Life - 2/6/07

From THE STAR - 1/6

MISS Malaysia World 2007 beauties led in the pledge to participate in the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM)'s Relay for Life (RFL) KL 2007.

“We are here to encourage you to come forward and get involved in this wonderful relay. It is the perfect opportunity to share some meaningful moments with people who have suffered from cancer, those who are suffering from it and friends of those who are suffering from cancer,” said winner Deborah Priya Henry.

“We have been getting good response from the public and the corporate sector but we want as many people as possible to turn up. This is our inaugural relay in Kuala Lumpur and so this is our final push for support before the big day,” said honorary adviser of NCSM Datuk Zuraidah Atan.

The RFL is a 16-hour walk or run around the tracks of the MSN Training Stadium in Bukit Jalil from 6pm on Saturday to 10am the next day.

Participants can either walk or run but the aim is to have people on the track throughout the 16 hours. Those who want to rest can set up tents in a camping area that will be provided.

The event will start with a survivor's lap.

“We have around 500 survivors from around Malaysia to start off the walk. Nor Amiza, a cancer patient featured in our television advertisement will lead the walk,” said RFL co-chairman Clare Ratnasingham at a press conference at Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

The symbolic Luminaria ceremony will start at 8.30pm.

“We will all light up candles with thoughts and memories of people who have died of cancer or are suffering from it.

“This is a networking event for survivors, caregivers and volunteers. It is a form of solidarity in our fight against cancer,” said Zuraidah.

To support the event, Nikko Hotel will be sending teams from various departments to participate.

Henry later joined Dawn Jeremiah (first runner-up), Jacqueline Ong (second runner-up), Mae Lee Myn Wee (third runner-up) and the organisers in a convoy of sponsored Perodua Viva cars to hand out registration forms in the city.

The event is free for cancer survivors and RM10 per person or RM100 for a team of 10 for the public.

Those who are interested but have yet to register can do so on the day of the event.