Wednesday, June 6, 2007


1038 - see you.

After 1038 hrs we will start our 42KM journey from Padang USM.

My gang,how do you do? are you ready? how long will you take? what tactic you going to apply? fully run? run/walk plan? sprinting???? nor matter relax and enjoy the Penang scenery? we will celebrate at Padang USM after few hours.

Think off Jelutong laksa, Penang char keow tiu (that we missed out previous trip), har mee, Gurney drive tou foo fa, rojak, Gee Hian tao sa pein (haha, still got 1 box in my fridge). woor be tong liao... Not to forget taiping town cendol (my favorite).

good luck.


tqs said...
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Ng Chuan Wen 黄泉温 said...

absolutely no any pressure for me
i target can comeback between 5.5 hours
and i hope i sub-5 in my second full marathone

Sang Cheng said...

sub 5 is really hard for me....
i will try my best as well...although is 1st full M....but...i trust da miracle....Ang Kong Po Pi...