Thursday, February 21, 2008


I decided to have long rest after GE30K. This is to cure shin spinned which i suffered and troubled me after PAR3.
The 1 month rest really make me nervous, panic and worry to step back to my training. I started it on 19/2, my first intention is to run about 5km, but after been pursuaded by Ronnie, i decide try to finished 4loops x 2.3km..
Due to the renovation works, we have to change our mind to proceed with Carcosa after 2 loops x 2.3km, the contractor fenced and locked the hoarding about 6.30pm. I still feel ok for the first 2 loops, which our fren start at very relax pace, 13:30min and 13:10min.When i start carcosa route, i feel my muscle is quite stiff and also breathless..I told myself to finish the route without given any excuse to myself to have short cut or walking if i don't feel any problem with my shin..I finished the race about 61:45min which make me very dissapointed. It is more than 6min/km.
I decide to take 1 day rest, after feel tired with my knee and ligament, I feel my leg shaking or numb at that night.
I proceed with my 2nd training today, reached LG very early and plan to run 2 loops carcosa which is about 10.6km. My timing for first loop is 31:45 and finished it at 62:06min. Another dissapointed run again, where is my endurance and speed? how long i need to train to gain back the strenght and momentum. I keep thinking about this on my way back. It really make me frust.....
Based on my current situation, i totally unfit or not qualified for KLIM, I will only consider half marathon or 10Km, all will depends on my training and will only decide by end of this month....