Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fellowship Run

Organiser - Pacemakers Network

Date : 9/6/07
Time : 7.15am
Distance : 3.65Km/lap
Weather : Fine
This is the first training/running session with Pacemakers group, it is specially organise for PBIM training. This is really a good opportunity for us for long distance training.
Personally, i feel a bit guilty aso , coz TH got exam that pm while Raymond got to work that day. gua ler... holiday at PD...luckily everything smoothly going.
Three of us actually quite excited and under pressure, coz TH problem with his ankle while myself got heel pain......don't care, keep applying whatever cream, ice pack, tiger oil... just to ease the pain. While Raymond, knee ?? Our slogan is, when d shoes lace been tighten, go ahead and just do it. died later. hehe
We wake up at 5.15am on that day ( quite confident the location after the surveyed on 3/6), rang up Raymond to meet up at JKR office at 6am... pai ser, i late for 5mins. By the time we reach the park, it is only 6.35am, chit chat for a while and start warming up.
The run starting at 7.20am after photos taken and enjoyed with Kelvin jokes. As usual, the fastest take the lead, while we slow runners at the back, i run together with TH and Raymond just at d back.... the route combined of ascending and descending slope, it will be good to test the result from our slope training, furthermore the rubber mat floor will be perfect to ease my heel problem ( i guess could b my adidas shoes cushioning got problem liao). The president advice us those who not sure with the route pls follow Ronnie ( haha, he forgot that our ability with PM1 a big gap mar, by the time we reach the d biggest down slope, cant see him oredi, someone is turning to the right, luckily the Hau pointing us to the right direction, otherwise holland liao). Five of us still at the close position, Hau, myself, TH, Lai and Tan, while Raymond away from us liao( taiko, stomach pain again ar?), then Lai speeding ahead while four of us still continuing. Hau still take the lead while three of us follow behind. I am TH finish the first lap at 19:10, we just continue smoothly for the second lap.. then talked to TH, i plan to run for the six lap and try to maintain at ard 19min/lap (haiya, dah failed lar, especially quite disappointed at 5th lap). Dont want to stress too much coz next week will have long distance training. TH decide to finish at 3laps and continue with his studies. I advice him to go all out to check his best 10Km time. Not bad ma, 57:14 some improvement.
I be the lone ranger already when come to the fourth lap, searching for Raymond along the way but even also cant find any runner. My training really workout especially on the slope, when come to the fifth lap, it is a bit hot oredi, especially after the long descending slope, nothing to shade. It make me a bit thirsty and affect my timing as well.. when DK read out my timing at 20min++ for the fifth lap, kns, so bad ar... cannot liao, quickly grab a cup of water.... then proceed with the last lap.... speeding a bit after the long slope...our honour camera specialist laughing at me when c me suffering at the long slope.. haha, cannot fall down ma. dowan to show "dog eat shit" style.
Before the end of the six lap, Raymond and Afad just running in front of me at d last 50meter, haha, kns, after six lap only see u, nvm lar, as long as ur knee no problem. Haiya, finished at 1:56, compared to PR 1:53 at PD, 3 mins late oredi... 11mins to trim down to meet KOTR time which at 1:45. Raymond proceed with his sixth lap and complete at overall 2:25:13.
Overall, we really enjoy this running session, enough food, drinks and all the preparation, well done. really thank you to Pacemakers and all the volunteers who had contributed and make the run successfully. Like my fren said, he only have one word to comment "shiok".

Looking ahead for the second fellowship run..


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