Monday, July 2, 2007

Ipoh International Run 2007

Date : 1st JuLY 2007
Time : 6:45am
Distance : 21KM
Weather : Fine

Saturday (30th June 2007)

Start our journey sharp at 12noon, tapao KFC at Sg. Buloh Highway R&R then proceed immediately to Kampar to meet Raymond. Reached his house at 2.15pm and have lunch at his house. We continue at 3pm and reached Ipoh Greentown at around 4pm.

After collecting our bib no and t-shirt (very slow progress and no reporting card given?), we check in Hotel Merloon (nice and clean hotel, highly recommended and very cheap at RM48.00/day, tq peng u.).SC and TH decided to rest at hotel, while myself and Raymond pergi rayau rayau… We take the tong shui and rojak nearby (not bad), then buy some snacks at the shop before back to hotel…

Going for dinner at 7pm+, Lou Wong Tauger Chicken (after waiting for a year), it is nice and cheap compare to Jalan Gasing one, we also ordered the Salted Chicken (yim kot chicken), taste ok. Our stomach really taking revenge this time compare to the last year ( donno where to eat, just took dinner at food court coz also arrived late).

After dinner, proceed to Ipoh Parade for drink before back to hotel. 11pm, we going to meet Ms Chow…zzzz

Sunday (1st July 2007) – Judgment Date

4:45am – wake up by Ah Du…as usual, continue with light breakfast and shower…
5:20am – Raymond wake up….
5:40am – SC…
6:00 am– Three musketeers are well ready and walking to MBI.
6:15am – Registered, tied the band, continued with warming up. My leg condition status – good some more with my new Mizuno Ex????
6:35am – Kandang buka, kambing lepas…..nope, only moves to starting line.
6:49am – Pong…. Start

I standing at the front portion, just 5-6 lines from the starting line, as previously, the 21KM and 10Km participants start together, the new guest today is Spiderman from Thailand.
The target for today is to aim for 1hr50min and preparation for KOTR, decided to run at the constant pace, 5-5.10min/km, when I reach the 3Km, SC Uncle’s passed by with comfortable pace, wa, a bit worry liao. Coz I know his best time is 1hr46min.
Finished at 25:05 at 5km, condition still good when come to 1st water station, so decided to reserve some energy after 6km, coz experienced from last year, there will be 6-7Km minor slopes ahead. Alamak, reminded them not to serve air tangki during Port Dickson (they placed a registration counter there), unfortunately my advice not been considered… they still serve the runners air tangki….
When I reach 7.5Km, SC uncle just in front, haha, got chance liao this time, speeding a bit then “cut” him….the slope really make my energy wasted bit by bit…. Can only finished 10KM at 51:10mins. So far the best time I make for 10KM.
The slope only finished at 12KM…my target at front is one pacemaker Indian guy, he is pacing with malay guy, with more confident in my mind, ok… speeding a bit then cut him at 15KM, that time already 1:17hr ( a bit disappointed liao… hard to achieve 1:45 already at this time.)
My mind like calculator keep workout the timing for every km I have to achieve, luckily my leg still ok, feel very minor at knee only… so choose to ignore it… when come to 19km, suddenly heard someone call “captain”… wuuu, siapa tu? Haha, guan lai our friend Tey, photographer sifu just stands in the middle of the road…. He said purposely come here to give us support… kamsia kamsia…like that must add some accelerator in my engine.
I finished 20KM at 1:44:55… Just hope that my PBIM form will come back again. Quickly pecut again and saw Ah Hoo at the last 150meter…. at that time of 1:49:21. Sub 1:50hr still got chance lar….
Alhamdullilah, terimakasih banyak banyak, pecut kuat kuat and finished at 1:49:37, at position no.47… my new PR… tq to my new shoes, my spirit and all the advices from my pen u’s. Even though I still have to cut 5mins more to achieve KOTR qualifying time… with 1 month to go… the chances still there. Never give up.
SC come back at 2:11:35, at the position of 104, if his can skip his special assignment during the race, the result will be better.
Raymond, perform better than PBIM, managed quite well his knee (injured during PBIM), and finish at 2:16:20, at the position of 117. His second Half M. Young boy, dont upset... continued and put more effort in your training, sure you will get better result at coming KOTR.
He pace with SC for first 3KM before our fren going for special assignment…

Ipoh Run, see you at 2008.

Next Race –8th July 2007 - Siemens Run (Dataran Merdeka)

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