Sunday, July 22, 2007

KUL 10KM 2007

Saturday, 21st July 2007
At first, i thought this will be the lone ranger run for me... or possible only with Raymond, coz other member got class.
I collected the bid no after lunch and visited Sauchony Warehouse, the gang most of them get a pair of new shoes, coz it really worth to buy with the excellent price, while myself due to my feet too small..."sigh".... (US size 9), i only returned with the singlet..
I reached Taman Melawati around 1.15pm, very out-skirt place and surprisingly the respond is quite dissapointed compared to Pacesetter events or even other KL run.. the organiser only arrange few members at the booth to distribute the T-shirts and bid no..With the RM30 registration fees(originally is RM40), it is consider as very expensive. The organiser claim that their main cost is from the medal... (cannot deny it is quite nice look.... and it is also the main attraction or main purpose for rest of my members to delay their class attendant and join me in the run). Which also make me have to rush back to Melawati for theirlast minute registration at ard 6pm.. No regret.. as long as your guys enjoy the race... but if that is any speed track summonce... will pass to u guy...hehehehe.
After this registration, there will be 5 ppls participate in the run...myself, TH, SC, Raymond and CY.

Race Day, 22nd July 2007
Cant really sleep well, always wake up on and off... could be the pressure from the boys, they are going to wear their new sauchony shoes (all of them) to fight with my elixir 2. Make me too exicted liao. Surprisingly, even not enough sleep, myself still feel quite fresh,i still wake up at 4.45am.
After all of us take turn and preparation, we move forward to Melawati at 5:45am and reach at around 6:10am... Too early liao, even the organiser just starting their preparation...warming up while waiting for Raymond. He reach quite late ( if follow the original official starting time that is 7am). Advice him to wear his new sauchony shoes coz his NB is quite heavy, Since it is only 10KM, should not have much problem even with new shoes.. wah, now all of them with their new shoes liao.. must be can fly already, myself old bone really need to be careful lar.
Haiyo, the starting time already delay for 30mins, but we still dont know where is the exact starting place, the very funny thing is even need to move towards front or back also cannot confirm. Make all of us like Mr Bean moving here and there.Might well just move to the finishing point and collect the medal then everyone go to kopitiam yam cha..
Another terrible delay because of waiting for the arrival of VVIP happen again this time (previously was Siemen Run - 15mins delay). Luckily this VIP did not talk a lot and straight away start the race..
I think i stand at the 3rd or 4th from the front line.... the info collected was the route mostly will be the flat ground and the actual distance less than 9km (taiko, u should tell me less than 8km or 7km mar)... Unfortunately, our fren bring us to "Holland" liao... they are 2 to 3 hills lar(of course cannot compare to Iron Hill) must change my strategic already, reserve some energy first... The highest 1 somemore i think is just 500m from the starting line... it could be the main reason make TH "o am hin"? luckily supported by SC and can still continue with his sprinting.
I just apply my constant pace and continue with the race... dont want to push too hard at the first 5KM (that time still thought off overall will be 9KM), try to maintain reducing split time like what applied during last week LG training which i never do before. Before reach the water station, i look backward... wah really dangerous liao, TH and SC i think just 150-200m behind me... pressure liao this time... ok turbo a bit at the downhill, hahah, old engine not need to overhaul yet.. still can function quite well...By then decide to pace with one uncle, which i find that our pacing is quite similar. My concentration a bit disturb by one MPAJ official who drive the motorcycle beside me... Taiko, u must be first time doing escorting, wrong ppl u target lar... i am not the Kenyans or if u want to summone me also not at this moment, i only speeding using my leg only mar... not my wira ler..). Alamak, this official really "cute" ler, i think he follow me about 1KM ...make me really want to vomit blood ...
We turn to the roundabt and heading to the mosque... ??? towards finishing or more to go??? really make me blur blur.. sprinting or not to??? meet Rachel and been informed that it is going to complete soon... what to wait? last 100-200m, pia liao... hahah, finish at 30:20min.... Old bone still selamat this time... the boys still can't beat me.... hehehee, TH just 30sec behind me while SC is 1 min.. well done, guys... carry on. Raymond finished at 36:42 while CY 38:20. Both of you also have improvement... put more effort in training, sure can get better result.
Overall, this is quite a good race, coz i can see my gang really fight all out for better results. The happiest thing is everyone return with injury free.. cheers.

Next Race : 29th July 2007 - The Melaka Historic Run - 1/2 Marathon.


C-CUBE said...

KP & Gang, u guys really fight it out among urself. Good healthy competition. Slowly become Pia kakis like the PM. Anyway I hope the new Saucony Fastwitch perform to your boys expectation. Let me know their feedbacks.

KP said...

The boys basically satisfy with the shoes performance, no complaint.