Sunday, July 8, 2007

Siemens Run

Date : 8th July 2007
Time : 7:45am (delay for 15 minutes)
Venue : Dataran Merdeka
Distance : 10.6KM??

Results :

Men Open :

KP - 50:40 (58)
Raymond - 65:11

Men Jnr Veteran

CS Wan - 67:00

It really a tough race for me to achieve this time, i really push myself up to the limit, never feel that jialat until want to vomit at 9Km. I almost skip all the water stations, just simply grab water at one of the station to make myself wet and quickly continue. IIR half experience told me that, by stopping at the water station, it really killed a lot of your hard earning split time.
Quite frustrated at the begining, i almost fall down after been pushed to left and right and my leg has been attacked by someone. The hill/slope training really help me a lot to achieve the better time. I still keep the same method , by not thinking or looking too much and make myself not confident, i just concentrate look at my watch and monitor the same split time for every km if can. I failed on the first km (feel surprised it look like quite long), luckily can rectified it after the next 3km. At the water stations at Hoki Stadium turning downslope, my timing is at 20mins. I feel myself quite breathless after pushing too hard on the hilly part, so decide to slow a bit to get back enough oxygen, it make me better after a km, then i speeding a bit up to 8KM, I keep telling myself must carry on , dont get regret by defeated at the last 2KM.
Eventhough my breathing just slighty better than buffalo, dont care lar... just continue and after a while, feel like want to vomit, quickly take a deep breath few times... by that time reached at 9km after Padang Merbok, i keep telling myself, only last km left, nothing can stop you already. Suddenly the grand ma and grandpa photos (IIR) appear in my mind.... no age limit excuse for me to say cannot liao... continue speeding at the last turning at DM towards finishing point.... finished at 50:40 at the position no.58, it really surprise me and really make me really return of all my hardwork so far....
Thanks to the organiser, if without the distance markers, i dont think i can achieve this results. It will help me a lot to adjust my time based on the distance for the coming Dataran Merdeka events after this race.
Next Race : Seremban Half Marathon

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