Sunday, July 29, 2007

Melaka Historic City International 2007

Collected the bib no and t-shirt at evening Saturday, after checked with the organiser, i have been informed that the category A have more than 450 runners, Wah, with the only 100 medals offer and notice that there will be many African and Thailand runners going to participate... it will going to be tough run.

Another dissapointed starting again due to the in-experience organiser, all of us have get ready at the starting point (main road).. then the official asked all the runners must get their ribbon at the stadium... due to the run going to start at anytime, all of us just running to the stadium, but they is nobody there to distribute the ribbon.. I give up and just run back to the starting point.. a minute later... it is officially start.

As usual, i just starting my constant pace... i believe due to the lack of training last week, i not really feel fit after the 5km run (22:48), my leg is a bit heavy that time..I slow down a bit my pace cause worry of that will be 2 hills after that (map info).. by the time i reach 10KM (52:44), there is pain at my left ligament... this really make me worry, it happen previously (3 months ago) but i thought it has been heal. That why after March (KLIM), i decided not to use knee guard again. After 10KM, i starting to feel tired, wah... another 10KM to go... I am going to struggle for the rest of the distance... high spirit is really important at this moment... really need to fight all out with my tired jinx and ligament pain..otherwise i will go back to KL without the medal....

I reach 15KM 1:17... i believe it is not the true distance marker shown coz when i reached 16KM, it only take me 4mins... by looking at my speed... i will need to take 5.30mpace at least for a km run. The situation turn worse when we reach the marker of 19KM... wah for us to reach the KM20... it take me about 14mins. By the time enter the stadium... i decide to sprint again... I finished the race at 1:53:33.. Luckily, still can get the medal.

Raymond struggle with knee pain due to wear the wrong shoes by rely on the info i gave. he finished the run at 2:17:38..paiser.

Overall, the race is quite dissapointed...bad starting, wrong distance marker, no mineral water given at the water stations.. the worst part is at the finishing point, they only provide limited Milo, no mineral water and have to pay RM1.50 for 100plus (this is so called International event, what a shame!!!!!)

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