Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stamina - Field Training

Try to set some target for yourself. Let's say you start off today with running around the field for 10 rounds. Do it constantly for 1 week. Try to improve your time day by day. It will be good if you know the distance of 1 round of the field…so that you will know what's the time per km that you run. Let start with something light. Put it around 5km of training per day. And also set your target…..maybe 4mins 30secs per km. Do it everyday until you achieve it. If 1 week is not enough, do it for another week and so on. I know this will be a much more boring training…..but bear in mind, doing the same thing everyday will make yourself immune to the stress. Once you achieve, you can now increase your distance target to 10km. And try to make yourself maintain the time of 4mins 30secs. 10km is always the base since we don't have much marathons going on in Malaysia. When 10km with 4mins 30secs per km target is achieved, switch to time improvement again. This time, target for 4mins per km. Again, practice until you achieve. This is how endurance will produce stamina for you. If you are ambitious to go further, repeat until you achieve 15km and then 20km.

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