Sunday, July 15, 2007

Seremban Half

Wake up at 3:45am by Ah Du again... as usual, light breakfast, shower then fetch my gang at 4:35am. We straight away moving to seremban. Since it is still early, i just follow have relax drive Seremban at 5:20am. By the time we reachedN.S Padang, it is still quite quiet and without many runners.
The race start at about the right time (cant confirm, coz watch already shift to sport timer), we just standing at the 2nd and 3rd line from the starting points. I starting the race with normal pace, coz want to reserve some energy after 11Km heard that it will starting with hilly run.
Quite upset at 2nd km, when saw someone selling the mineral water with Rm1 each... unfortunately this year they will be totally dissapointed coz the organiser got some improvements by providing 3 water stations and few sponging stations , plus few distance markers. TQ.
I meet up AP Tan when come to 3rd KM, whom i lost to him in IIR about 30sec.. This will be good opportunity for me to pace with him... at least can quite confident that my timing wont run too far from IIR if i am able to follow his pace.We even have short introduction at the 10KM..hehehe
We managed to continue until 11KM till the uphill....then, my nightmare happen, i start feel pain at my right side of abdomen and got a feeling toilet is waiting for me... my goodness... the feeling is become stronger and strongest and at the end before i reached 12km... the feeling turn into reality....sigh...
When i back to the race...i saw a lot of runners in front of me which all of them behind me for the first 11Km. This even make me more nervous and under extreme the time i reached at 12sKm, it is already 1:08...i feel that it is time for me to calm down and plan for the other strategic, otherwise even 1:55, i dont think i can make it.
Saw ah cheng 100m away when i pass 13Km, decide to increase my speed to run side by side with him, he did a good job and i know that he is going to make sub 2 hrs if he can continue with the current pace... while ah Hoo still at the back which make me worry of his fighting spirit or could be still suffering with muscle strain. I managed to pass ah cheng and continue with my
pace and saw ccube just in front of me... first time i meet him..
After speeding race, it make me quite tired liao...but i just tell myself to carry on for the last 2KM, Meet Tey but really not much energy to say hi to him oredi... paiser paiser.
Turn to padang, i only managed to make it at 1:54:55 at the position of 39. while ah cheng at 1:56 position of 43, Hoo at 2:06.

Next Race : KL 10K


Tey said...


Check u mail..sent u fotos liao

C-CUBE said...

KP, good to meet u in person. By the time i saw u, i hv no more energy liao. the hills whack me kau kau lat and just maintain slow pace to finish.

Anonymous said...

abg tan... nvm la...
stomachache is nt under ur control wat...
looking forward for more nice result...
good luck~~!!

KP said...

Thanks Tey, Calvin..
Ccube...nice to meet you too.