Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ipoh International Run 2007 - No age limit pia !! - Salute and Fully Respect

photo sources : from Tey (tqvm)

Once again, to all the grandpa's and grandma's, well done, congratulation, salute and fully respect. All of you are so special. "Malaysia Boleh, Engkau lagi Boleh."

To my dereast gang and friends; please be realise, respect and thinking off all the above grandpa's and grandma's running spirit;

1) When you complaint that you have no energy or ''mo hei".

2) When you think off your body too weak or restriction to your running.

3) When you think off running can be short cut to achieve good result or just rely to "form".

4) When you are afraid of hilly or ascending slope.

5) When you though that training of l to 2 laps is enough or maximum limit to you.

6) Compare your age with them, then compare you capability and running performance.

7) When you think off running can make you injured?

8) When you easily give up or thinking off quit running.

9) When you scare or worry of distances.

10) When you lazy on training.

11) When you think off running is very difficult.

12) When you think off age is a limitation or restriction to your performance.

13) When you think that no fun in running.

14) When you complaint of heat and humidity weather.

15) When you complaint that the qualifying time is impossible.

16) When you worry off speeding can make you exhausted.

17) When you are lack of "PIA" spirit.

18) When you think that your weight is a restriction.

19) When you complaint that your leg or muscle is too "lesu" after one day training and need to rest for a week.

20) When you can think that they are born to be runner or the grandpa's or grandma's body conditions is stronger or fit than you.

21) When your mind or you think that you are too tired or need to stop and walk during the race.

Please feel free and very welcome to add any comment for sharing........

Lastly, respect the distances and enjoy the confident to yourself, wake up your hidden power... you can do it, nothing is impossible.


C-CUBE said...

KP, cinya so many things to think when you r running especially when u hit the wall!!!!

KP said...


Ya lar... but now i force myself to concentrate and only think off split time for every km during the race..It really can help.

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