Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Warm up and Breathless

I normally spend around 10 to 15 mins in warm up.

Breathless during sprinting in early stage….that’s normal. warm up is for your muscles. Your heart is also a muscle but is not warmed-up during your warm-up session….unless you make yourself exhausted which is not recommended to. So, the breathless sensation will go away once your heart is comfortable with it hard-pumping. What you need here is to train for the speed you need to break-up from the rest during your early stage sprinting. This is the most difficult part. Don't worry about the breathless thing…….its the speed that you want.

Never rush in your run…..because the distance is so long, and if you feel that you can beat the guy in front of you, times will come when he will slow down and let you overtake him. So, there’s no rush… because if you rush, your heart will pump faster due to adrenaline caused by anxiousness and nervousness and these are major factor for “puncture”.

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