Sunday, May 6, 2007

Bomba Run

Quite a big turn out from frens for this run.

Wake up at 5.30pm, even not having a sweet sleep last night.... but luckily is not that tired... same as usual... preparing for early simple breakfast. Woke up Hoo at 5.45am, char him a bit...

Sim sms me while i taking shower, ask me what to do if raining? have no reply him coz time is running late (assume he will knew our direction coz the gang still going ahead, of course ma... we cannot easily give up jes bcos of rain, not even thunder storm...v always must have "pia" spirit in mind)... dont want the kids got chance to complaint me always been late. Pick them up and moving to Dataran Merdeka.

Raining after we parked our car... happy to seem that everyone take it seriously... v start doing strechting and slow jog to warm up.

7.10am, moving to the starting place, surprisingly our senior q at the front line... good ler.really challenge ler this time. our member look like quite pressure after char by me... wa.. no joke... myself oso pressure liao.

Run start jes a bit after 7.30, i didn't care jes sprint forward, turn to Jln Tun Perak that time, wa.... hoo just run side by side... suddenly find out cheng running alone at paving near Bank Negara, Ok lar... go to kacau him first... side by side, whose know kena "t", he dont want any pressure put on him..

Moving forward to the first hill, ah hoo at front... then cheng also cut me oredi... nvm, first 4-5k as long as i still can see u back, not need to scare one (dont so lang si, i mean abt 50-100m lar)..... bcos u guys lack of training, easy to puncture ma... somemor not familiar with this route, fren, forgot to tell u got few hill/slope in front.

Wah, suddenly CW cut all of us... haiya, our fren pia so early, can maintain bor. i
become no. 4 oredi, still decide on my pace (low profile a bit)... not even 3 km ma..Moving downhill...ah cheng like "wind" pi pi por por cut me, dont complaint leg pain afterward. i old ginger uphill stil ok 1... after a while, i cut him again.

Approaching to first water station (22min), hoo start slow down oredi when incline ... haha, i scare him if left last 2km, bcos this guy can "pia" to die 1... but now oni 4-5k, haha..slap on his back and steadily cut him, "yeng" ler..

Back to lone ranger again, glad that did not feel any pressure on my knee.leg oso didnt feel dumb. ok lar... jes maintain my pace and think off "pia" at d last 2 km.
targetted to finish below 55min..

Reach lake garden traffic light at 50min, war... pressure liao.. left 5 mins oni... but a bit tired now.. continue "pia" again... haih... at last 400m oredi at 56min... dont care once reach padang, i really pia with the other guy towards the end point... haiya, he won me at last.. my time is 56:55,very choun liao... slightly better than "power run" 57:19... but still a lot of improve lar... must strengthen hill training.

walked a while to cool down... war, ah cheng give me a surprise, 59:14, 1st time run this route... not bad mar...our member ler.... puncture? ai mer?

haha, we c him at 59:45 before turn in to the padang,ok lar... since he like to finish before 60mins, v decide to give him some support... waving at him, haiya, forgot he didnt wear spec and cant c us... at the end he finish a 60:04.... next time bring along ur spec mar.

Snr finished at 67min. CW sprint too early but puncture at the end... 81min... CY dont know keep looking at 'cousin"?? finished at 90min...


Quite dissapointed, no mineral water or 100 plus at finishing... thirsty one ma.

See u guys at Larian Belia or Asthma jogathon... kampate.


Anonymous said...


so fast updated lo...

where is my time??

hoo said STEADILY??? he ask u don bluff lah


KP said...

want mer? really...then i put in, ok?

KP said...

haiya, last medal at 53:55 for men category...only have 75 medals.

Anonymous said...

wahahaha~~~ good leh~~~
i tot u can get the medal... mana tahu no leh~~!!

the medal news, y din put at ur post there??