Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hilly Workout

Some tips on how to handle the hilly workouts:

Warm-up for 2K, followed by stretching

Have ready your plan before-hand ie the number of sets you want to accomplish

Start out slow and gradually increase the intensity over the repeats. Your goal is to complete your plan

For hills, choose a stretch that's at least 400m and don't slow down towards the top. Run through.

For steps, focus on the leg lifts and steps, keeping your concentration on your form

Drive your arms but yet keep them swinging relaxed

Maintain an upright torso with your head looking forward.

Looking downwards won't aid intake of air

Reaching the top, walk back down again. Downhill running presents a greater chance of injuries than uphill where there's much lesser pounding

Running hills should only be attempted if you're not a beginner, doing too much too soon will only bring about injuries such as ITB.

Finish your workout by warming down for 2K and stretching

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