Thursday, May 24, 2007

Abdomen Pain During Race

Abdomen pain? It’s because the muscle around your stomach (abdomen) is not fully develop yet. And in fact, it’s not pain…’s what you called “lesu” and it’s excessively “lesu”, therefore causing you the pain-like feeling around the abdomen. Once you have trained yourself well…..the pain won’t appear anymore


黄泉温 said...

sometimes run until stomach pain may be is want lau sai or kek sai

Anonymous said...

Mr Ng, i think this is your personal problem lah.. i think b4 you start run, you better settle your personal thing 1st leh..

黄泉温 said...

Mr Calvin Sim,
Absolutely good, thank you for provide your proffesional knowledge to me.
Thank you, Mr Sim.