Monday, May 28, 2007

Training for 10KM, 21KM and 42KM

Normally, the basis training for my juniors is at least 10km everyday. This is always the base for all the runs therefore, I set this in. The goal is always to be prepared for 10km runs all the time that is to be ever-ready. Eventually, they will be the expert in 10km runs…..and what they will be trained next is more on their speed to improve the time. Most of them can now run under 40 mins for 10km runs.

For 21 and 42 km…..that takes a lot of time to train. Because we need to adjust our pacing again to endure the distance. That means, the training is considered to be started from the very beginning all over again but it won’t take long to adjust to the new pacing if you have the 10km base. Of course, I won’t advise you to skip to 21km straight away from 10km. That’s a 100% increase in distance. This will only make you feel exhausted to continue on the next day.

What I will do is to increase the distance by 20% a week. That’s the most optimum…that is an additional of around 5 weeks to reach a 21km training. And around 10 weeks to reach a 42 km training….which means, to train for a marathon, we need at least 3 months time.

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