Sunday, September 2, 2007

Run 4 it 12K NB Klang Pacers

Date : 2nd Sept 2007
Time : 7:15am
Venue : Klang Sultan Sulaiman
Distance : 12Km

Three times to Klang before this race start, we lost during the first survey and bib collection as well as this morning, the route to Stadium Sultan Sulaiman.

To avoid not to miss the race, we decide to start our journey slightly earlier. When we reached the Klang town, we miss the roundabout as well as Jalan Istana. Luckily after find and search, we still capable and managed to find it. But after that how is the way to Stadium still a question mark? We can't find the clue therefore decide to follow the Waja in front which we assume that he is also heading to the Stadium. Haha, today really lucky, we get the right indicator.

The race start sharp on time, in order to heal the muscle pain and reserve some energy for coming event as well as training. Our target for this race is to finish within 60mins and grab the medals. We decide to have slow start or pace in within 5-5.30mins/km. We finish 5.5km at 26:34 and stop at water station. Then continue pace with TH until 9KM. along the way, we also find something very interesting. Both of us keep overtake other runners side by side starting from 2KM, along the way you will see KP&Gang running together with ur lovely saucony vest,nike running short. With this comfortable pace, we also dont let ppl from behind to overtake me. haha, But for those elite runners, i think they already quite far away already.

After 9KM, TH moving forward and the distance between us is about 30-50m, he sayur the runners in front and i just follow from behind. Our fren moving faster after the last 500m to the finishing point. i have to pia to chase him liao. TH improved a lot already and very confident now. At the last 150m, he sayur one more runner, I dont want loss too far from him, therefore, increase my turbo to overtake that runner and pia all the way. Haha, TH finished at 57:57 while myself at 57:59.

After the run, short chat with permaisuri Lim (52mins), Chan (Ara) and back to PJ.

Next race : IMU Charity Run

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