Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mizuno Wave Run 2007

Date : 09/09/2007
Time : 7:30am
Venue : Padang Merbok
Distance : 10KM

I reach Padang Merbok quite early, after the three of my juniors cannot make it. Meet Raymond there, then straight away proceed to luggage area to pass the bib no. Saiful is there and we have long chat regarding the development of the juniors. He is also delighted with the junior good result. Fren, dont broken your promise, solve up your S'pore M registration issue and we will meet you there.Meet frens there, choi, Chan, pm's, Lim...As expected, event organised by Pacesetter will have huge participants due to the good quality. My target for this race is below 53mins, to shed 5 mins from last year, afterward my legs still a bit pain. the bonus will be dip below 50mins.

The race start on time and flagged off by Mr Sia Kok Chi, very piss off after find out my adidas watch got problem again...grrrr... Just hope that can get someone to mark my time at the finishing.

Starting with constant pace rather than sprinting, because later need to conquer for double hills and few minor slope. Follow Pms at the back until the 4-5km. when reach the double hills, at first i used the heel to run in order to save the energy then continue with toe.The long strecth is quite killing. CM overtake me that time with steady movement. Come to the down hill, i increase a bit speed and push until the 7KM.Then come to uphill again, pace with another malay guy, he speed is quite similar with me...but he sprinting before last 2km, I a bit tired therefore keep my pace up to last 1km..Sprinting all the way and finished the race in 50:46 at the position of 85th. Personally, i am satisfy with this timing.

Raymond finished the event in 64:18.

Next Race : PAR 3 Trial

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