Saturday, September 8, 2007

IMU Charity Run

Date : 8th Sept 07
Time : 7.30am
Venue : IMU
Distance : 7KM

I can forsee another tough run again after have to long que for the bib no collection and the medals provided is merely 50.

We reached IMU quite early, at 6.30am since there is not much parking space unless you have the find the alternative, that is Bkt Jalil stadium carpark and it is so far away.

The race flagged off on time, we are planning of our strategic whether to sprint at the begining at get a comfortable position or try to run constantly but only speed at the last. We choose the first option because it is short distance and the later will be quite risky.

TH move forward with powerful speed after the first left turn, another show of V-power again. My goodness, i feel my leg very tired and a bit breathless. After counting the runner in front, there are 28 runners + 4 africans. Total of 32 runners ahead of me. TH distance with me become farther and farthest. My mental strenght suddenly drop because starting worry of tomorrow run. I think my pace could be more than 5mins/km already.

Turning to Bkt Jalil carpark and reaching the first ribbon collection, that indian girl could b quite panic, before i managed to collect the ribbon, she move backward and i missed it..Grrr... i got to turn backward and collect again. Unfortunately, CM is too close to me, my chin dont know bend on his shoulder or his face and make myself a bit loss of balance...Sorry, CM. After that, another 2 runners sayur me again.. At the second u-turn, TH is quite far away already, i think abt 200m. While i see the runners run behind me also quite far away.. I am quite confident to get the position of below 40th if i can continue with this pace. After that, i just pace with a malay guy all the way.

TH finished with good result and position, 30:23, No.21st, He is cinya young and dangerous now (pacemaker remark). while myself 32:19, No.34th. to gain back my power for Mizuno Run???***

Next Race : Mizuno Race

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