Monday, September 24, 2007


Date : 23rd Sept 2007
Time : 7:30am
Venue : Lake Garden
Distance : 4 x 2.3KM relay

Judgment day, it is coming and it is now.

By the time we reached Lake Garden at 6.30am, Raymond already there. All of us are very quiet. From the face, everyone is so serious about today race and so kan chung. It will be either do or die.

After last week trial, we put our target at 4th to 6th position, in consideration of we are still lack of experience or this is the first time we participate in team relay. Myself and SC particularly, it is also the first time to exchange baton. TH and Raymond only experienced it during primary school. Everything also can happen during the race day and it might be very costly if not handle well.

We did our warming session after dispose some burden at toilet, we did it a bit fast compare to training session, it is only 12mins plus. TH also give some useful strategic during the jog.

The teams 1st runners starting at after short briefing from Kelvin Ng, TH just stand beside Klang Runners and Kura-Kura Sakura Team. He shall be our team anchor and we really look forward for his good performance. Of course the pressure on him is tremendous high and it will affect the overall result if he did not handle well. After the flagged off, TH start at the 5th or 6th position, when reaching the first slope, he almost at the position no.8th, 3 of us are more kan chung by looking at this. In order to release the pressure and not to let the body too tense after the warming session, I decide to have jog around the playground with Raymond for the first 5 mins. The first runner from Kura2 team runners as expected will be very fast and he reaches at about 7.40mins. While Klang Runner reach at 8.04mins. By the time, he reach, we already can see TH far from behind, at his front is team Permaisuri runner. A big relief at the moment and really motivate our team very well when looking he is at the 4th position. He did a good result by finished at 8.35am, shed down 14sec from previous time trial.

When his exchange baton with Raymond, our fren quite sprinting at the beginning, that make us a bit worry when come to last 2 hills which required a lot of energy. Therefore, I get help from my junior to give him support at the hilly session. Some more our fren complaint for stomach ache. MS did a very good job by give him a strongest support and encouragement by running with him for few hundred meter. Which I believe this will be the most important and effective way to boost Raymond to ultimate level other than support from team members. Well done MS, I feel very touch once I get to known from Guan and look at the photo. Raymond also did a very good result by finished at 9:18min. He keep his promise to shed below 9.20min even just recover from accident. Well done, my member. Our team at the 3rd position after Klang River and Fantastic 5 when he finish the run.

SC exchanged the baton and move forward, his target is to do below sub 9mins. After him will be my turn, now really feel the pressure. I have to cool down myself while waiting for his arrival. I know my gang and juniors already go to the uphill or intermediate location to give him support. Yes, he really make it, he is at the 2nd position while reaching the finishing line. Klang River still remained unbeatable and safe at 1st position. Fantastic 5 follow his back. SC finished at 8:52, far ahead from his best time at 9:15min.Super. Well done.

I get the baton from SC and just move forward, my pace a bit messy, could be too pressure and muscle a bit tense. I have no chance to think about this and just continue forward, Klang River is very far from me. What I worry how far F5 at the back, Before I reach the boat house, I have been sayur kau kau by KLAVA “King”, it make me a bit nerves, I do my best to follow him, but he is just too strong and so fast while I still have to consider the 300m uphill with my breathless condition, "sob, sob" cinya sorry to my gang. TH just pace beside and give me a lot of advices with later few of my boys also join me to run. Cinya kan tung, with all the team spirit and support. I told myself I at least got to maintain the 3rd position and I also know that F5 captain not far from behind. While last turning to the finishing line, I push all out to complete the race. I finish at 8.55min with overall team timing for Die Hard 5.0 at 35:40 at the 3rd position. F5 just 4sec behind. We are cinya lucky.

Special message to My Gang,
In order to train for PAR3, we went through a lot of difficult moments, a lot of scarification (no more night activity, no "yum Cha") and facing some resistance situation (some bad news on Merdeka eve and accident). From day to day, our topic only talk about PAR3. U all traveled all the ways from PJ, sometimes have to put aside your work assignment and homework, even sometimes really cannot make it, but will follow up with the team member’s progress and results. We continued our training session even thought we are facing muscle pain, shin splint or not even fully recover from accident. Hahaha, after training, just feed our legs with extra Zheng Gu Shui ( the medicine shop owners also quite surprise why I can bought four bottles in two days) or use ice packs more frequent (even in office). We might have different views and arguments, but we still maintain one heart, strong team spirit, and team morale and have same vision, that is do our best for the PAR3.

Gang, congratulation on today achievement, Abang Tan really feel pride and proud of all of you. Thank you.

Lets we move forward and promised to keep up good works.


Ara Boy said...

well done KP.Hope to c u in Klava kepong.Have a nice day.Bye

KP said...

thanks Chan. C u there.

Anonymous said...

abang tan... when saw finished ur report... i really feel very kam tung... even the normal race...also not much kam tung.... cos this relay race really can get together all ppl de heart.... team work.... n so on... very happy that kg& gang can get 2nd runner up.... 1st time can get this kinda result, is damm quite good liao lo... add oil....

all of kg & gang n friends will support......

Ng Chuan Wen said...


C-CUBE said...

from now on i will call ur team "KP and The Young & Furious". the young team have a lot more to give.

next is to target sub 1.30 in 1/2 mara. tats the way to go, try giving it a shot at my PR ie running consistently at 4.30 pace

KP said...


Haha, we need your advice and tips on how to help in sprinting as well as endurance for 1/2 M training. tqvm.

C-CUBE said...

KP & Gang, for speedwork ~ try to do 8 x 1k intervals (with rest interval of 2 minutes). Since most of you can do a 4.30min pace, try to maintain it for all 8 intervals or even faster than it. Do it once a week in your training. It will be hard in the beginning, trust me. But as you get use to the speed, your timing will eventually be consistent.

Once you are comfortable with the pace, the next thing is to maintain consistency that is try to run a 10k route in 45mins.

Try this out and see how it goes.

Naz said...

congrat.....bravooo Die Hard 5.0...
try dpt champ tahun depan hah.

KP said...

Choi, Naz,

TQ.. we will try.