Saturday, September 1, 2007

Congratulations to The Champion, TH Lee

Event : Larian Merdeka 2007 (Anjuran Yayasan Amal Msia Cawangan Selangor)
Date : 01/09/2007
Venue : Pandan Jaya
Distance : 6.5km

First time i and my gang running in different category after so many races and established of KP & Gang. I will run in Men Open while two of them run in Men Junior.
This will also a good change for them to gain the better result.

After the flagged off, I am TH sprinting toward the front. We just behind 6-7 runners after 100m, TH move further and keep a distance apart between two of us. His position is quite safe because i still havent see any junior in front of him. Reach the Taman Shamelin, that is one junior overtake me and run side by side with TH. Luckily TH calm down and not panic this time, just pace together with the youngster. Good strategic as his stamina not going to have any problem after frequent training and he is also able to sprint at the last since it is only 6KM. After the right turn to uphill. TH managed to sayur the junior already. He moving forward and keep quite safe distance. I also sayur the jnr after turn to the apartment.

By looking at this, i quite sure TH can emerge as champion if not anything incident happen. The distance between both of us i think already 200-300m away, while my distance with other runner also quite far.

The happey moment happen, TH finished as champion for men junior category with 26:52. I completed the race at the position no.6 for men open at 27:45 and SC finished at 3rd placing at 29:15.

TH, well done and carry on. You are the "CHAMPION".
The sacrification so far is meaningful and with good return. KP&Gang feel proud of you. Congratulation to TH and SC, dont forget to share the hampers.

Next Race : Klang Pacers 12KM

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