Sunday, August 26, 2007

SJ 10K

Date : 26th Aug 2007
Time : 7:30am
Venue : MPSJ
Distance : 10KM

Another pressure event again, after knew that the men category bib no up to 1500, while only 100 medals provided.Wah, for guarantee of medal, just imagine how many runners you got to beat. While as one of the popular event, for sure there will be most of the elite runners will be there. Well, It is also all the KP & Gang member participate after PBIM.

We reached USJ at 6:50am, another cloudy day again.. seem like it is going to rain like yesterday. After reporting, all of us moving to the starting point. The event flag off on time..TH really give me a big surprise very powerful sprinting at the starting point.. our fren back to normal already...At first, my strategic is 5min/km for the first 3-4kms, then speeding for the rest...By looking at TH action, i got to change my strategic and have to follow him closer.

Our fren give me 2nd surprise, he can keep his constant pace up to 7.5km. all the way i keep my distance abt 50m from him. This will be very interesting match for two of us this time, i also keep thinking how to plan to have better chance to beat him. If i overtake him now, i might have to struggle up to lousai till the end if TH really pushed me kaukau. If i let him to lead me up to last 2km, he shall very confident and pia with me up to the end, because, he knew that he can sprint faster than me. At the end, i decided to overtake him at 7.5km, after the u-turn, I really tired already, but dont want to miss the chance and let ppl sayur me... so i decide just push to the end..alamak, that is 1 youngster overtake me at the last 20m.

Quite a good event (except the mineral water finished too fast), I and TH also have new PR here. SC and CW also have better result compared to last year. Raymond struggle with stomach pain, CY and PL still a lot to improve.

Sim, siti and farana finished the run at 86mins.

Next Race : Run 4 it 12KM NB Klang Pacers

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