Sunday, August 19, 2007

NACSCOM Charity Jogathon

I suppose to be lone ranger and running in Kuantan Beach now but the organiser postponed the event again to 27th Oct 2007, Saturday??? sure or not?

Not going to Ktn, so got chance to participate in local run again, which i actually preferred to, a bit tired after continuous 3 half M together.. can take a rest for shortest distance. Why not?

Now start headache with local events, too many events for today. NACSCOM, Larian Setia, Larian Kajang, Putrajaya Breakfast run, Watson Charity Walk. In order to save the time because TH have class today, then we decided to register for NACSCOM. Actually, we register for Watson as well ( we might proceed with this event if NACSCOM can finish earlier).

We reach Padang Timur very early, i think 6.35am..not many people there, take an illegal parking at roadside..luckily no summon..tq MPPJ. Instead of we having our warming up session, we have been invited by one of the senior citizen from the organiser to help them to organise the tables and chairs.. no problem lar, we still young mar.. many runners also give their helping hand when the goodies bags lorry chan, suriati etc.. very kam tung that time.. Malaysia boleh..

After completed the work, we have warming out session at the Padang, alamak, that time already 7.10, most likely his event going to delay again. My past experience told me that it will have warming/aerobic and speech session before starting of the event. But now they still busy with the registration. TH, good luck to you liao, definately you are going to late and i dont think we can like "hong pai ah ku" going for the 2nd show liao (i mean Watson Walk).

Wah,it start very late.. i not sure what is the actual time because my watch already set to chronograph mode, it could be 8.15am. I did a very paiser mistake, i forgot to press start on my watch and only aware it at the mid way...sigh....Thank you Ronnie for help me to record the time.

Vary kan chung at the begining,the elite runners standing at front look very serious,look like the 15 medals really difficult to grab this time. I am TH about at the position of 11th or 12th after the starting..after the first turning, i manage to move forward to position no.9 or 10, during the down hill and 2nd turning..i manage to cut another two runners..I just keep my pace closer to the runner at front, i think that is 150-200m apart within us. Continue my pace until reach the junction to the Padang Timur, quite confuse here and got to slow down, not really know the exact direction. I point my hand left or right, but nobody really show me the direction. Luckily that is one policemen point me to the finishing point. At first i am very curios until i saw Ronnie standing at the finishing point.. wah, quickly speedy up and complete the race. I finish race at 19:39 at 7th position . After i registered my name and collected the medal, TH also reach the end point.. Wah..19:52 at 8th placing. our fren. improved again. Luckily i wear my new shoes thank to my leg all ok, otherwise i might loss to him this time.

p/s :

Raymond participate in Putrajaya Breakfast 5Km today, good news is that he knee ok after the run.

Next Event : Larian Merdeka, Taman Tasik Permaisuri

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Anonymous said...

hai kp..

well done..mate..keep it up! regards to all your friends who ran in Nascom. C u again.Have a nice day!

chanbai@ara boy..The Slow Movers..