Sunday, August 5, 2007

Adidas King of The Road

Date : 5th Aug 2007
Time : 6:45am
Venue : Bandar Sunway

It is quite sad event for KP&Geng,out of 5 members... 1 did not participate while the other 3 down with injuries.. Raymond cant finished the race after knee injured.. TH struggling with food poisoining ( dont know vomit how many times during the races ) while myself, i already decided not to push myself too hard because of my ligament injured and i also know that that is no way for me to finished below 1:45 with this type of condition. My target is to finish below 2hrs and get the medal. I prefer no to extent my ligament injuries and rather to perform better during next week PJ Half.

The race starting on time, it is better compared to my last 2 previous runs, which have horrible staring that is Melaka Half and KL 10K... I starting my pace with TH side by side while SC just in front of us... our fren still cant change his habit with sprinting from the starting line... when we finished the first 3 km... Ferdinand just in front of me... haha, quite good result for his maiden half m... by leading me all the way until the last 1KM.. he can win me if not because of SC. Doesnt matter, we are going to continue on PJ Half.

After 5km, i finished with 25:48, about 3 mins late compared to the last 2 races..TH start struggling with his stomach pain again and slow down.. then i just pace with SC.. as usual our fren dont like to pace with me during the race which he always thought that i will give him i just move forward.. After a while, I saw Chris just beside me... so look for new pacer again...

I finished my 11km at 57mins, 4 minutes slow liao.. my ligament starting to give me warning... my goodness another 10km to go... after a while, opposite the road, pass by SC, TH, CY and Uncle Ong. SC still in ok conditions but TH look quite pale.. CY give me a bit surprise result at the first 9km run... quite close to TH. my ligament pain starting worse even i wear the knee support.. i have no choice but just to slow down, i think by that time my timing for 1km is about 6min or could be more than 6min.

Hahaha, this type of condition, can foresee for another struggling run again..the distance between myself and Ferd. also increase to 150 or 200m.. after KM19, Choi come to pace with i just decided to pace with him until the finishing points.. Suddenly when move to the cut and cover tunnel... SC just quickly pass both of us.. Wah, kan chung liao... i told CHoi, that is my geng... so must pia with him this time, i really cannot care for ligament pain or whatever liao... finish the race and beat SC first ( bro.. sorry ar, cannot give water first... i still want to maintain my 21km postion lar.. your performance are quite consistent now.. carry on.)
Pai ser, beat u 10sec nia.

TH also perform his ending pia spirit...well done...struggling with no regret after got the medal. Uncle Ong going back with medal and position.. CY puncit after 10KM, managed to complete in 2:24 for his maiden Half M while PL, thank god.. u didnt get loss and managed to complete the race.. dont complaint with ur breathless for last 100m... by the time when u saw ur handsome photo from Mr Tey, everything is worth.

Raymond, down with knee injury... take care and get well soon.

Next Race : PJ Half - 12 Aug 2007


Ng Chuan Wen 黄泉温 said...

haih... sien... abang tan in his not full recovery status still can keep his 1st place in the gang

thlee said...

cw : haih...sien...coz u din go for the race lor, if u go for the race and show ur PBIM race spirit again (even injured still can be 1st arrived in the gang), i think tis time 1st arrived in the gang also belongs to u d ...heee...shame shame :-P

Anonymous said...

ya lo...
y u din go for it leh??