Sunday, August 12, 2007

PJ Half 2007

Date : 12/8/2007
Time : 6:30am

My 3rd attempt for the half marathon run.

There will be only 2 members participate in the half marathon this year, TH and myself. SC did not start for his 10Km sue to muscle injury while Raymond still trouble with knee injuries.

We reach the stadium quite early, 5:50am, as usual, warming up session first, meet saiful there and have short chat. After collect the knee guard from Raymond,i feel more confident for the race.

The race start on time, i have pace with TH for the first 5km, this time our performance is better compare to KOTR, our target is to finished below 1:55.. After 6km, i just continue my own journey while TH just about 100m behind me..My stamina still ok and did not feel any bad signal from my knee. No distance marker for this provide in this event, i have no choice while just try to keep the same pace.

After the u turn at Sbg Airport, i think TH is abt 200m behind me, not bad... seem like sub 2hrs is not much problem already, i feel a bit tired after the ascending slope, few runners overcut me that time, doesn't matter.. i will only try to pia at the last km. Come to the left turn towards Stadium, my timing is 1:47, i am quite confident can make it below 1:53 now, constant pace again. I will kill the jinx now... enter the stadium... last 100m, seem like a lot of runners follow behind, i decide to pia to the finishing point, I make it 1:51; the position of 76th.This 100m pia really make me breathless and i think my condition also make Raymond quite worry.. TQ for the water, i really help a lot.

After a while, TH is pia towards the finishing point, wah, good lar.. new PR he is going to achieve, 1:53:33 (94). managed to shed 6mins. well done.

Next Race : Kuantan Beach Run

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