Monday, November 19, 2007


2nd event for Kp&Geng travel to Ipoh after Ipoh Half on 1st July, this time will be more meaningful coz last event TH cant join us for the race due to injury.
We reached Ipoh early this time, straight away proceed to Polo Ground for goodies collection, everything goes well then continue to check in Merloon Hotel, refill our stomach with ying kok chicken, of course this time we will not miss the tau fo far....then back to hotel for rest.
Sunday morning, we reach polo ground abt 6.20am. After registered we lepak around before proceed to warming up session, the Dj make a silly mistake by announcing the wrong allocation of trophy numbers for each category. The race start sharp on time at 7.00am, i start with slightly fast pace, it is about 4.30m/km, it make me a bit worry after 6km with this pace, wonder my stamina can last till the end or not? After the drinking station, i decide to proceed with it, my timing for 10km is 45.20 and at the finishing line is 53:35 at the position No.20 ( the position really give me a surprise).
SC also give his best performance so far by reaching the finishing line at 55mins (17th), while TH 57:45 (23rd) and Raymond 73:25(45th).


Abu Soffian said...

KP...ahad ada race apa?

KP said...

veteran race for 35 yrs old and above- 4.5km..shd b easy medal

aharis said...

Aisey-man.. u was @KRI, if i jumpa you that day.. sure i belanja sunquick :P

KP said...


Aharis, I balik kampung that time (Sungai Petani), we go to race together at utara and collect the sunquick from u..haha