Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Singapore Marathon 2007

Dont know why nowaday very lazy to write race report, could be bad influenced from my friend, who are very famous and popular runner's in running arena. But i told myself shall not let this type of habit happen and hope that he will change his lazy habit as well. haha

The race start sharp at 5.30am, I, TH and SC decide to pace together, we start with slow pace because of traffic jam, we could only reach the starting point after 2.30mins from the flag off time. Our pacing to the first 11km is about 60mins, everyone look ok and quite satisfy with 5.30 pace. Continued with the journey and pass the starting point at 13Km again, feel great after been cheering by Adidas supporters there.. TH and SC take the first pack of power gel at about 15km while my self thinking off just take it at 20km, when i find that my pace a bit slow down at 17km, then i just change my mind.

We pace to the 20km, at about 1hr50min we are able to maintain at 5.30/km pace. SC feel a
bit struggle and keep at distance from us at 27km..I feel a bit breathless at 30km, by that time our timing is about 2.45hr, i have to take the 2nd pack which are given by organiser at 27km.

Then the nightmare starting, I and TH starting feel the tiredness and the weather is quite hot already. We have make the decision to pace together and motivated each other till the end, otherwise it might end up we might stop and walking which for sure will deteriorate our timing. TH start feel the harmstring cramp while i having the problem with knee strain, we quickly grab the deep heat and apply on it.. We also pour water for us to remain fresh to finish the race.

At the 41km, our timing is 3:58 as shown on the VMS, we decide to push till the end.. I complete the race at 4:00:52 while TH 4:02:28. SC also improve a lot finish at 4:16:06. Raymond pacing with his girl friend and finished at 7:50:27.


CP Waterman said...

Bravo KP & gang
Cinya salute all your fighting spirit especially in the last Km you can still pia.
For the 1st 30k you were right on
3hr50 (at 5:30 pace)target but the final 12km saw you losing ground at 6:15 pace. It is so unpredictablle after 3hr on the road. Perhaps one way to improve further is to schedule in between 4 to 6 around 3hr30 LSD during the marathon build up preparation.
Anyway, bravo again to all of you!

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