Monday, November 5, 2007

Ekiden Run

This will be second running relay event which involved Kp& Gang members after PAR 3, we also feel glad to have support from our friends Saiful and Karen to form the 5 persons mix team.

After the registration, we form out the group training and have a survey to the running route at Putrajaya before our submission of final line up. When get to known that most of the elite runners will participated in mix teams, It really make the competition very stiff, because the offered trophy only up to 5 positions. Our hope for the trophy almost scattered after get to known the mix teams have increase to 21 teams. Our target is to get top 10 position.

As usual, we reach Putrajaya very early at 5.40am, meet up with Karen (haha, 1st time get to known our team member, we used to communicate by sms)and Saiful. Start with warm up session after the member introduction and update them the rules and regulation. The transportation to the changing zone a bit delay and havoc, it supposed to be start at 6.30 but delays to 7am plus. My feeling a bit nervous and excited after all the runners has been order to waiting at the dedicated zones. I try to locate for team members but it is just too crowded.

The race start on time at 7.30am after we get the sash, i am at the 5th position after about 300m from the starting. My position change to No.6th after overtook by Japanese defending champion. I do my best to maintain my pace or distance from the 5th runner, it happening up to the 1st changing zone till i pass my sash to Karen.

Karen starting well and steady, she keep her pace constant cause waiting for her will be PICC hill. When she pass the sash to Saiful, our position is at no. 7th.

It going to be tough task to Saiful, he has to run the longest distance and there will 3 hills waiting to "phys co" him. Our position remain at 7th when he pass the sash to TH.

TH, the running route for him slightly different from the brochure, there will be additional turning route with slope at Dataran Putra, Our fren also have to push to the limit to conquer the hill. We are still at 7th position.

SC, our hope to change the fortune, he did it very well and manage to change our position to No.6 at the end. Haha, Too near yet too far from the trophy. Our overall timing is 58:34.

Overall, we are satisfy with our performance, team members give their best to participate, support and sharing of ideas. We are proud to declare ourselves as "Winners".Even though we lost in the trophy, but the most delighted part is our team spirit never down. Bravo...Without Limit

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