Monday, October 22, 2007

Kuantan TC Run

Saturday 20/10/2007
Quite sometimes already, I did not participate the race with my gang, almost a month after PAR3. Furthermore, this time we are heading to Kuantan, Teluk Chempedak.
Raymond, due to some personal reason has to withdraw from this event, a day before the departure, SC injured his toe nail…*sigh* what a bad luck? But for the sake of support to the gang, he decides to join us to Kuantan. Of course, not to forget our VVIP who joining us for this journey,Saiful…who really make our trip very interesting and funny.
We meet up at KL Sentra, have a quick lunch at Mcdonalds, then quickly start our journey, heavy rain along the ways. We only reach Vistana Hotel at 6.30pm.. Meet few PM’s there …collecting our bib no, vest then proceed to my brother’s house. After dinner at Sri Mahkota, the food quite delicious, and then we go to Teluk Chempedak, We have a rough measurement of the route as according to the route map, which appear quite close to 10km.

Sunday 21/10/2007
We reach Teluk Chempedak at 6:40am, meet Jamie there… after reporting, we start our warm up session. SC will take care of our belongings. The race start on time at 7.15am.i am quite worry with my sore throat and cough, hence I only set my target at about 49mins.
Haha at first thought of pace with CM, but after find that my legs is in quite good condition and TH and Saiful are really far away in front, I push myself to increase my speed.. The first 6km, I practice at constant 4:40-4:50 pace, pacing with the runners who have almost the same speed like me. When come to the 6Km distance, I know here with b some descending slopes, I push myself further to close the gaps from the runners in front and can see TH about 200meter in front when reaching 9km. But with only 1km left and based on his performance right now, It is very difficult for me to keep close to him. I finished at the position of 21th with timing of 44.38, TH at position of 19th with timing of 44:20 while VVIP Saiful 16th with timing of 42:59. Personally, I am very satisfy with my result.

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