Saturday, June 21, 2008

In supporting of Creating a meaningful day out for under-privilege children.

Make it a meaningful day for 800 under-privileged children from selected homes.

For each participation, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS will bring in one under-privilege child to join in.

~ Date: Saturday, 5 July 2008

~ Time: 8.00am

~ Venue: Desa WaterPark, Kuala Lumpur.

~ Participants are required to run a designated route with a cone containing an egg. If the egg drops, the participants are discontinued from the race.

~ The race is open to all participants aged 7 & above.

~ For more details, please download the entry form now!


kahoongchai said...

what the chicken run ??

LOL but i used to stop run for few days 1st leg sucks =.="

But it's not so serious after do "Zhen Jiu"..will do again when i back taiping next time !

KP said...

another event of fun and charity run...a lot of fun activities will add on.
Have u found out what is the exact caused to ur leg? If still not ok, stop all the sport activities for short time being but just concentrate in strecthing..hope it will help.