Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Network Run 2008

It happen finally. although there are some minor mistakes,luckily we managed to solve it and the event held it quite successful with the highly support from friends/volunteers (some of them are sick) and all the participants cooperation. Feel glad been given chances to partner with Lai and Ronnie to organise this event. Thank you.

We reach LG at 6am, start with the preparation and progress quite smoothly, all the volunteers almost turn up on time and report to their respective roles and job stations. The race flag off on time at 7.30am by Lai. The punctuality still consider the utmost important to avoid any delay and havoc situation.

My preparation for this run actually make me worry, my performance drop after Spore M especially when facing the short distance race. It make me worry and i really cannot anticipate what time i required to complete this run, 80mins? 75 or 70mins? donno? I starting with the slow pace, TH and SC are moving in front. After 300m, i see Kenny wearing the 70mins pacer bib, Ok..I telling myself try to follow his pace, if can continue pace him up to 4 laps. It still about 45mins for 9.2km..not too bad. Even though i have to struggle for last 2 laps with 12mins, i can still managed to complete the run below 70mins. First 2 loop quite smoothly done with Suresh keep very close to us. TH and SC already keep a gaps from me. While Raymond is at the back.
At the 3rd loop, three of us are still running side by side, no one want to give make our pacing more interesting. Especially Suresh is same category with me. We also known that the top 3 positions already out and been monopolised by fast runners. The balance of 3 trophies have to fight within 5 runners with almost same standard.
At the 4th loop, we manage to keep close to TH and SC, a bit struggle already, luckily Kenny also slow down a bit, 43mins finished the 4th laps...a bit fast for me. Suresh i think just 30m behind us.
The pacing for the fifth loop is between myself, Kenny and SC now, Three of us a bit struggle for this loop, i dont know whether they are reserve energy for final loop exploring. Quite happy can still keep pacing with him complete this loop which make me confident to finish below 70mins.
Come to the last loop, Kenny start speeding, wah, this guy a lot of hidden power to explore. SC follow closely to him. I push myself not too far from them..Still got chance to do below 65mins..Another border line test again...which i always have bad luck on this like what happen in Spore M. Luck on me this time, I finished it in 1:04:55, SC ahead of me at 1:04:33. 3rd position in his category.
TH finished at 4th position at 1:07:42 while Raymond 8th position at 1:13:42.

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