Monday, January 21, 2008

GE 30K

Another long distance race which i waiting for after Spore M, I am quite serious for this event and starting my preparation 2 weeks after Kuantan Relay. Even though i have no time to run above 20k, every weekend i will doing Sri Hartamas route to strengthen the hill running and maintain my weekly mileage.

Unfortunately, sore throat and flu attacked me on friday night, i dare not take any medicine worry it will make my stamina worst, It really frust me and spoil my change to get better timing....i just take chinese herbs to make my throat better.

I reach LG very early at 4.45am, cannot have a proper sleep bcoz of the virus and wake up at 3.30am..By the time i reach, only 3 cars parking at the children playground, as normal, i will park at my VIP place while waiting for the gangs.

The race flag off sharp at 6am, i will pacing with SC for this race..a bit mix feeling since my gang will have long rest after this event coz of health concern..while TH cant make it coz of sick. Raymond and PL will participate in 20k.

We smooth pace for the first 10k, timing doesnt look good at 62mins coz we want to reserve more energy for another 20k. At first i thought of doing sub 60min, but the problem of flu make my nose cannot breath properly.. We continue to pace until the mosque then SC sprint away. I think our fren want to do a good timing prior to his temporary retirement. Well, actually that time i really feel tired but there will be about 13km to go. No choice, just do my best to maintain the pace for the remaining...Haha, luckily 2km before reaching Petronas, saiful come to me and pace with me, Terima kasih cikgu, otherwise no chance for me to make sub 3 hrs liao..We pace all the way, when back to Bukit Tunku near Tijani, i meet PL there....our friend after look at my fering face, terkejut and straight away "puncture".haha..

We reach Jalan Parlimen at 2:52, still got change to do sub3. I think saiful can catch up my mind, both of us start sprinting...even though my leg are so utterly tired out, I just dont want to regret by losing at the border line. I able to make it by finish at 2:59:00..thank you to the wishes from Yang Berbahagia and bermulia Datuk Yaziz. My condition are really bad with pale face and robotic walk really make irene shocked when she pass me the finishes medal

SC finished with good time 2:54:23 at position 141st, Raymond, 2:29:41 (228th) and PL suffered jialat 2:44 (312nd). Both of them also improved in the timing. Keep it on.


le_runner said...


glad to meet you here and get well soon !!

KP said...

U did a very good timing yesterday, keep it on and aim for 3.30 in KLIM

le_runner said...

3.30 ??!! *fainted*