Saturday, July 11, 2009

15th Hat Yai Nature Run 2009 - 9 Aug 2009

Date : 16 Aug 2009
Time : 5.50am
Distance : 21KM, 10.5KM, 4KM
Venue : Prince of Songkla University
Website : Click Here
Online Registration - Click Here

Prince of Songkla Unversity, along with private organizations, organizes the 15th Hat Yai Nature Run at Hat Yai campus on Sunday 9th August 2009.

The solid organizing units compose of Hat Yai Running Club, Tourism Authority of Thailand (Southern Office, Region 1), Hat Yai Municipality, Kohong District Municipality, and the 42nd Senanarong Military Camp.

Hat Yai Nature Run is one of the national running competitions in the south of Thailand that has the highest number of runners. A number of 3,292 runners came to participate in the competition last year. Among these runners, 2,930 runners were Thai and 362 were foreign runners. This activity aims to support the alert current for the promotion of exercise for health. The rush and competitive life style makes people have less time of relaxing and exercise. Health of general people seems to be in contrast with the growth of the city. Ignoring the health situation, people will have chances of getting sick that will directly affect to the body, family, and economy of such people. Then participants of this competition will include all types of runners such as outstanding runners, amateur runners, school students, and university students.

*** Online registration will end up on 31st July 2009.***


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